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About ZontSEO

What on earth is Zont SEO? Well believe it or not Zont is simply the Russian word for ‘umbrella’ so we are simply called Umbrella SEO. We wanted to make an ‘umbrella’ site, one that covered all aspects of SEO and Internet Marketing in general, rather than concentrating on just one single aspect like so many sites out there.

The plans for Zont started back in 2011, when we launched the original ‘’ site. At the time that site was only going to be a small setup, with a few tutorials and guides showing people how to use SEnuke properly. To be completely honest in April 2011 we had shelved the idea of launching and were going to go straight for Zont SEO, however the massive number of people asking for training for SEnuke X, and the complete and utter failure of other training sites, changed our plans and was resurrected in July 2011.

By the end of the year though two things were clear to us:

  1. was bigger and more popular than we had planned
  2. Limiting ourselves to a single program was extremely… limiting!

We really wanted to tell the bigger story, as we had intended before we went down the SEnuke tutorials path. Thus back in December 2011 we told everybody to expect some big changes in mid-2012.

The move to Zont SEO was completed on the 2nd June 2012, all the original SEnuke content was copied over to a new VPS (massively more powerful than the old one) and restructured to allow new sections on other advanced SEO software to be included.

We very much hope you enjoy the content here, and get value from it. If for any reason you have issues, problems (or even just want to say something nice) please do get in contact with us.

Pobman   &    Rudi

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