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Choosing A Product To Promote

When you start affiliate marketing you obviously need a product to promote. There are two ways in which you can get started.

1. Pick your product first and then build your website out around it.

2. Choose your niche then go hunting for the best affiliate programs that suit your needs.

There are a great deal of affiliate networks available for you to sign up to. But as we’ve mentioned before don’t try and sign up for everything and promote everything because you simply won’t achieve the maximum potential from a website.

My method of choice is to get my niche and keywords first and then think about how I can find a product to promote. That’s just the way I like to do things however it is not necessarily the “only” way to do things.

We will discuss a few of the affiliate networks here that you can sign up for. My suggestion would be to use one email address and keep a spreadsheet of all your details.

The easiest networks to sign up for are networks that sell digital products. The most famous of these would be and there are new networks such as which in some respects is better.

The thing to remember with affiliate marketing is that you do not necessarily have to promote the digital product. You can promote physical products where the companies offer the affiliate a certain percentage of each sale. Amazon affiliates is one of the most common ways that people promote physical products. However there are networks such as Commission Junction ( which also allow you to promote physical products. However with this network you will find that all of the defenders like to manually approve the sites before allowing you into the affiliate program. This means you would have to build your site out before you can apply to promote their products.

Many people discount physical product promotions for affiliate’s because in general the commissions are vast new lower than what you would get from a digital product. However, a physical product is MUCH easier to promote because people will get something physically in their hands and are much more likely to hand over money for it.

Below is a list of affiliate networks that you can sign up for for both digital and physical products. We have made money from every single one of these networks. Some networks do like to vet the applicant before allowing you in however even if you get rejected at first don’t get despondent you can always reapply once you have corrected anything that they didn’t like the first. – Majority Digital Products
These are really just some of the affiliate programs that are available. There are litterally thousands of places that you can find an affiliate program for a type of product.

For instance, if you want to promote weight loss pills (not recommended for beginners as it is really competitive) then you can litterally search Google for relevant affiliate programs.
Simply go to and type in:
weight loss pills + affiliate program

You can do this for any type of product or service that you like. You will not always finding affiliate program directly linked to what you are after however it is a good starting place to look.

Many companies self host their own affiliate programs and on some occasions those signup pages are not actually indexed by Google. However, there are still ways to find them by using scrapebox. First of all you need to find the footprint that is left behind by certain affiliate program software. We will cover how to do this in a more in depth tutorial soon in the members area.

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