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How To Drive Traffic From Multiple Sources

What many affiliate marketers forget is that there are other ways to get traffic flowing to your website other than search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) campaigns. The whole aim of affiliate marketing is to make sales and not just to get search engine rankings. This is done by obtaining qualified traffic to your website by learning how to drive traffic from multiple sources.

One key to a successful affiliate marketing campaign to not put all your eggs in one basket. To be a truly successful affiliate marketer, you need to drive traffic from a whole range of different sources. This way if for any reason one of the sources should stop driving traffic then still be able to gain an income from your other sources. For instance, should your search engine rankings drop considerably after algorithm update (which if you follow our guide is strictly then this should not happen) you would still have traffic coming to your site from other sources to enable you to continue gaining sales.

In this tutorial we are going to give you some ideas about where you can get extra traffic to your website in order to create yourself a safety net.

Posting On Forums

One of the best ways you can drive quantified traffic to your website is through active engagement of your potential audience on relevant forums. By this I don’t mean form spam with a link back to your website hoping that people will follow it and come by product, more often than not if you do this, your profile will get banned on the forum.

Also, you should remember that just posting random posts on a forum with blatant self-promotion can also result in either the post been deleted or in the worst case your profile being deleted as well.

The best method for gaining traffic from forums is to actively engage with the other members of that forum. Get involved with the conversations that are going on offering them good advice, hints and tips. You can occasionally link back to a relevant page on your website, providing it gives them the answer that they will be looking for.

Some forums do not allow you to place links within the text of the post. However, you will be able to place a signature link back to your website. With enough posts on a forum that signature will be seen many times and as you become more of an active member within the forum many people will start to follow the link and take a look around your website.

Of course, you need to remember that your website cannot just be a sales page, but also offer a good amount of advice for what your target market will be looking for. The key is to find the correct forum your target market. Let’s do an example where we are promoting a few different weight loss products on your site. First of all I would want to find high traffic forums that are specifically created in your marketplace. Simply go to Google and search for “your niche + forum”
as seen on the screen shot below, I’ve done the same thing for weight loss.

Driving Traffic From Different Sources

The first thing I need to do after this is take a quick browse through the forums and just see the kind of interaction that these forums are having. There is very little point promoting a product of forum that nobody uses so we need to pick the best one for the job.

The next thing you want to do is take a quick look through the forums and make sure that people are actually able to place links within the text of the posts, or if this is not allowed make sure that at least some people do have signatures with clickable links. While you can still mention a website by name. If you can’t place a link, it does make the whole task a little bit harder.

One thing you need to be careful of is that forums generally use BBcode rather than html for signatures. Simply create your html signature in HTML and plug it into an HTML to BBcode converter to get the code that can be used for your signature. Try messing around with font sizes and colours to make your signature stand out as much as possible. A standard black text link simply wont grab people attention. Also if you recommend advice make sure you never get in conflicts with people on a forum, especially a moderator as they will simply delete your posts. I would recommend using the forum for a week or two first before you add a signature. A new user with one post saying I just joined this forum will surely be deleted very quickly.


Guest Posting On Blogs

Guest posting on other blogs that get a lot of readership is a great way to not only get a high authority link but also to drive direct traffic to your website. Once your affiliate site has been set up with lots of useful information then you can send outreach emails to these sites offering to write a useful piece that would be a credit to there site. All you ask is that you be allowed to place a link back to your website within the content.

This is not always an option as some niches are so refined that there may not actually be high traffic blog’s in that vertical market. However, this is something that you should certainly take a look into before righting the method off. One thing to remember here is that they will want to see examples of your work and they will also look at your website so you need to remember to take great care to ensure that the quality and quantity of content on your website is good.


Traffic From Social Interaction

Social sites are something that in this day and age we simply cannot ignore. It is believed that 1 in 4 people around the world are on at least one of the social media sites.

The younger generation are a lot quicker to adopt new social networks as they appear, however, the social media backbone of Facebook and Twitter will always be primary. Social media for affiliate marketing is actually extremely successful, in fact many people get way more traffic through social sharing than they do from the search engines, despite having high rankings.

The reason for this is many people like to see social proof of something working. For instance, they want to see people talking about it before they put their hand in their pocket and buy something. It is a fantastic way of making what is known as the groundswell process, especially if you are contemplating launching your own product.

One of the best places that you can start the ball rolling with social media is to create a profile on Facebook, define your target market and in search of Facebook groups. By doing this you can interact with people, much like you do for however of the sheer numbers of people use social media because they are mobile friendly. It makes it a standard business decision for all affiliate marketers.

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