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How To Write A Product Review

One of the best ways that you can start making money online is to write product reviews. In fact this is exactly how I started myself. As a first venture into affiliate marketing you usually find that writing a product review will yield better results because if you mentioning the product by name then the chances are the readers of the review are already considering purchasing the product. However, many people don’t make the most of the opportunities because they are not sure how to write a product review.

The main thing you need to do when writing a product review is to give the impression to the readers of your website that you are a voice to be trusted. Many people in the recent years have become fairly cautious about spending money online. Because of this you need to make a compelling case. Don’t be afraid to point out a products weaknesses as well as its strengths. They are far more likely to take your word on a product if you are open and honest about it. There are are some huge websites which write reviews for many products from services to washing machines. Sites much as Top 10 Reviews have built up a huge readership over the years.

There really are many different ways that you can write a product review. Take a look at the image below and you will see a screen shot from the top10 reviews site which basically picks out various products that are relevant to your search. It then has a review for each product and of course an affiliate link to the sales pages for the products.

How To Write A Product Review That Will Entice Customers

If you’re just getting started then you can easily write product reviews on free websites such as Squidoo and Weebly. Just a word of warning though squid do are becoming extremely pretentious about what content they allow on their network these days. It can be extremely frustrating when you spend a lot of time creating what you think is a brilliant squid who lens for them to close it down two weeks later. For this reason I tend to now use Weebly is a free website alternative.

If you have picked a product then you should take a quick search to see what other people have written about it and if they are targeting the keyword “your product review”. This way you can see the kind of competition you are up against. If you’ve picked your first product from click bank then you can almost guarantee that there will be someone that would have written a review somewhere. But, what many forget is that some affiliate marketers alright these reviews and then never revisit the site again. This is where you can start cashing in.

If you write a better review, optimize the page better and build better links to it then you are going to outrank them. Therefore you have much more chance of making a sale if you are near the top end of page 1.

A quick word of warning don’t try and write product reviews for weight loss products or forex trading software. There are ways to attack these markets but in general a product review won’t give you much of a return on investment, with the investment being your time.

There are many different styles of reviews that you will be able to write. You can do a comparison where you pick may be to other products and rightful reviews on those as well and then have a table with the “best product” at the top.

One thing you should do is keep an eye on your sales and more importantly conversion rates. If you find that one of the less favored products is converting better then shift it to the top of the list. For this reason you will see a better return on investment.

Dedicated Full Page Product Review

Writing for dedicated page review needs to be approached very carefully. The reason for this is that it can look a little bit like a sales page. However it is not uncommon for a well optimized and laid out page to rank for the product name. In fact if people are searching for a product and they see the main sales page and a review of it directly below it then the chances are they will click the review just to be sure what the people think about it.

There is the danger with this kind of page that people will leave it and hunt around some more for other products and then returned directly to the merchant in which case you won’t get the product sale. In general I found that shorter reviews with comparisons to other products perform much better than full page descriptive reviews.

Making Product Reviews More Enticing

In this day and age videos become ever more popular so if you can somehow integrate a you Tube video into your review then you will have a distinct advantage. One thing I do tend to do when I promote the product is to actually buy it. Then I can make a video with Camtasia which will describe the product and more importantly show it to the potential buyers.

Because of technological advances people these days are expecting more and more when they visit websites. It was not long ago that simply the written word would be all people would expect to find online. This is why article marketing was so effective. Hence I use the word was. Article marketing does still have its advantages however as a sales pitch and a method of writing reviews it simply does not cut it.

Imagine this, you are promoting a product via a review. You place an article on with a link to the product sales page. You also creates a small website describing the product, showing visually through images the alternative products and also you have an informative video showing people the product. Which do you think is going to convert better? I hope you all picked the latter.

Don’t however think that product reviews have to be done to a specific method. Trial and error for your own style is what matters. My personal method is to write an in depth review, with a video and lay out the page in an easy to read manner. We will look at creating a product review soon so you can see an example.

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