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Site Architecture

The layout of the site (or Site Architecture) is one of the most important things to get right in order for Google to correctly crawl your website as well as get the most of your linking.

The structure that works best at the moment is the “Silo” which we will explain here. It is a pretty easy concept and not hard to implement. It will however ensure that link juice from your links flows all the way through your site.

The image below shows a very basic structure of a site. Following on from our Keyword Research Module to find the keywords we will be using the “Make Money Online” market as an example.

As an affiliate you would want to provide a good amount of information on the website rather than just make it one big long sales pitch promoting a product.

I would have the home page with content on it focused mainly on the main target keyword which would be “Make Money Online”, then as I try to get traffic from other keywords I have chosen the keywords “How To Make Money Online” and “Easy Ways To Make Money Online”.

In the video below you will see how a Silo Structure can be used to correctly form a link setup within your website so no matter where you build your links you will be pushing link juice to all the pages on your site in effect.

Double Click Video For Higher Definition

Free Download For All The Silo Site Structure Diagrams

If you would like the images of the structures for your records just share the page and you can download a PDF document with them all enclosed.

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