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Making The Most Out Of Social Engagement

As the way people use the Internet the changes in this day and age social engagements on the most important factors to take into account when attempting to become a successful affiliate marketer.

We are always talking about diversity in respect to where you get your traffic from. What we mean by this is not to put all your eggs in one basket by expecting Google to supply hundred percent of traffic to your website. We spoke about this briefly in the driving traffic from other sources section however we are going to go into more depth with regards to social engagement in this page here.

First of all try and forget about all the hype that surrounds Social Media and lets take a look at it for what it is.

Social Media is an online space where people can hang out, talk with people about every subject imaginable. They can share pictures, videos, advice and news. Humans are a sociable animal and it is literally a window for you to interact with your target audience in real time.

Every website should indeed have a plug-in that allows easy sharing via tweets, Facebook likes etc etc. This will allow people to share any of your website content on their social media profile. The many people this serves as the main purpose of getting social signals however we can take things a little bit further and drive qualified traffic to your website through social media engagement.

Many people forget that comments on your blog are also a form of social engagement. It really does not look good if someone leaves a genuine comment looking for an answer and it remains ignored for days on end. If you have good quality content that provides the reader with an answer to the questions then you will get a great deal of traffic because of this but more often than not there will be questions to answer from your readers. The quicker you can reply the better it makes your brand look in the eyes of the reader.

Making The Most Out Of Blog Comments

Of course you will end up getting a lot of spam in your blog comments however make sure you have a quick browse through them before you delete them because sometimes you will find a genuine comment gets lost in amongst spam.

By replying to these comments you are building trust with your readership to your website and also at the same time you are building your brand and assuring future engagement from these readers.

To a certain extent engagement through comments will also have a positive effect on your rankings.

Share Your Content On Your Social Media Profile

There are many people who do not like to use social media however even if this is you will have to put your own feelings aside for the sake of your affiliate marketing business. You can of course start up your own profile that is directly related to your niche rather than usual actual real identity. One thing you need to remember is that it does take time to breathe life into a social media profile.

You can of course go out and buy friends/followers however be aware that these will not be real people and you need to build a target audience of people are interested in the same things as you ie your affiliate marketing products.

You can use the search bar in Twitter and Facebook same as you can put the search engine. The advantage of using Facebook however is that there will be groups for just about everything you can think of. So for instance if you are promoting a weight loss product then will be hundreds of different groups available to join where people talk about nothing but weight loss.

You need to start to interact with these groups as a normal human being without trying to force a product upon them straight away. As you become more of a recognised character within a group or forum etc then people will begin to hang on what you say.

This does take effort and is something you can outsource to experts to do for you. However you need to fully briefed them of your business goals so that they use social media in the way that you would if you were doing the work yourself.

After a while you can talk to people and then refer them to one of your websites that has the information they are looking for an just happens to offer an affiliate product on that page.

The more you socially interact with people then the larger your following will become and it honestly works like a snowball effect and you can drive just as much traffic from social media as you can from search engines.

The main social networks you will be interested in actively using are:





Although many people dismiss Google+ as a dead social network I can assure sure you that we have driven plenty of business from this network and their user base is growing month after month. If you do not have accounts setup for any of these sites then go and do this now, but before you start posting your content all over them, take a look around them and get a feel for how they work. Join groups etc and see what your target audience are looking for. Then work out ways that you can effectively manipulate social media to enhance your Affiliate Marketing income.



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