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How To Source And Produce Quality Content Quickly And Easily

As you know the first thing you should be doing is planning out your site. You would have worked out your target market and the associated main target keywords.

All dependent on your start-up budget will determine how quickly you can get this content made and to what quality. The main thing to ensure is that the content that is going to be used on your money site is 100% unique and offers some sort of value to those going to be reading it. If the content is a whole load of rubbish then your bounce rate will be extremely high and you will be lucky to ever make a sale.

The main thing is to ensure that your content is not one giant sales pitch. The best thing you can do is talk about a problem and a possible solution of which your affiliate product will be the answer. You can tell people to find out more about the product which basically means click here and go and buy it. However if the reader picks up that the page is one giant sales pitch the chances are you will not even look at the product.

One of the main things you should not do is just take content from other web sources. The reason for this is that it will be considered duplicate content. While many people misunderstand duplicate content as a penalty, the real issue is that you simply won’t get credit for the content placed on your site. There is a time and a place for using content from article directories and also PLR content however placing it on your money site is not one of these.

To be able to write really good content does take a little bit of research. There are plenty of tools that you can use to scrape lots of information on your target market and then get ideas from this content. However generally a quick look at other people’s sites and a few articles is enough to get a bit of inspiration to write the content. If however you want to find posts that have been particularly popular then you should take a look at BuzzSumo which is a brilliant free tool which you place your keyword into the search box and it returns the latest popular results. Fantastic for inspiration.

Faster Content Creation

Many people get frustrated because they cannot type particularly fast and believe that filling a website full of quality content is going to take forever. When I first started Internet marketing it used to take me hours to write a 500 word article. However you will soon realise that there are several software applications available that will allow you to basically dictate your article directly to your computer. My weapon of choice in this case is Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is not perfect however you can churn out a 500 word article in maybe 5 minutes and only need to proof read and correct a few little mistakes, however as a time-saving tool for me it is invaluable.

Get Someone Else Doing The Work

Of course if you simply do not have the time to create the content yourself then you can consider outsourcing it. However, when I say outsourcing I mean finding a quality writer with a fantastic grip on the English language. Getting a quick article of simply won’t cut it. You need to get your writers to take as much pride in the article is you would yourself. I myself hire several full time workers from the Philippines who when trained correctly produce work that is equal if not better than my own.

We have a complete guide to outsourcing section which will cover everything you need to know about finding the perfect people to help you in your work. In short the aim is to not be lazy don’t be cheap and create good quality readable content.


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