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How To Write Sales Copy

Throughout our affiliate training you will see us repeatedly say that it is not your job as an affiliate to sell the product. However there are occasions where the product might be brilliant, you have great affiliate commissions but the sales page for it absolutely sucks. In this instance you can consider writing a sales page.

The best thing you can do in this case is get in contact with the vendor and asked them if you can have an affiliate link directly to their buy button. This means you will be able to bypass their sales page completely.Sometimes you can actually find that you can dominate the market simply because other affiliate’s won’t think of creating their own sales page and because of this they avoid promoting the product together.

One thing to remember about the sales copy is that you need to portray the product in the best possible light. The best way to do this is to promote the product as the “answer to all their problems”. There is a pretty standardised way of doing this which you will find is followed by just about every single Internet marketer who is promoting a product. The following method is tried and tested but of course you can add your own personal touch to any of this.

1. Write A Captivating Headline

The headline is the first thing that your readers will see. You need to make sure that it not only gets their attention also entices them to carry on reading further down your sales page.

2. Ask The Problem Question

At this point it is almost like a subheading but it will be written in the format of connecting with the readers problem.

For instance if you were advertising weight loss pills. Your could say something like:

“Have you been trying to lose weight in time for the summer? It’s horrible when you try every fad diet but nothing happens isn’t it excavation mark”

3. Offer Up The Immediate Solution

At this point you will you then answer the question while reiterating their problem. For instance:
“Well you do not need to worry about losing the weight in time for summer any more! With Rudi’s magic weight loss pills you can keep on eating the pies while maintaining your ideal weight.”

Ok I am obviously being sarcastic and you would not lie to the extent of telling people that they can beat stacks of pies and still lose weight. But you get the idea.

4. Justify The Product

You need to offer up some sort of justification as to what enables you to say with confidence that the product can do what it says on the tin. It is almost like an author bio where you explain a little bit about yourself and why you are an authority to speak about the product. You should always try and show that you are a real person at this stage rather than just an out and out salesperson. Whether you use a image, a short video or even an MP3 recording it always helps to humanize the creator.

5. Reassure People About The Product

With many products people might need that little extra push before purchasing. You need to be able to reassure them that the product will do what is being claimed. If there is some sort of money back guarantee with the product then mention it here. This will often put their mind at ease.

6. Testimonials

Writing a good testimonial is key to putting people at ease with the product. Again, the more humanised you can make the testimonial the better.

7. Bonuses

One of the best ways that you can get people to purchase a product through you rather than anyone else is to offer some form of bonus.In this section you will need to explain why your bonus is the best and always give Consideration to what you are going to offer up as a bonus. It still need to be relevant to the main product purchase. Perhaps “Rudi’s magic weight loss pills” could have a free fatties meal planner guide or something like that to go with them.

8. Cost

Now is the point where you will need to explain the cost of the product. You can use a justification of “the miracle fat git cure” for a mere $4000 per bottle etc etc because they get a free ebook and there is nothing else like this on the market.

9. Reminder

This is the point where you remind them that there is nothing else like it on the market. If they stick to the plan then they will lose the weight etc. Try and hit the emotional button at this stage, you can say things like “don’t torture yourself through the diets any more, you deserve to be thin while still enjoying a steak and onion pie” “Dr Rudi’s miracle diet pills have helped hundreds, now let them help you.”

If you stick with these guidelines then you will see that your sales pages will covert a whole lot better than just throwing together a bit of text and a buy now button.



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