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New Template -Twisted Loop

New Template -Twisted Loop

The Twisted Loop is our latest template. It is a basic template but can be extremely powerful if set up correctly. We have included a video tutorial with this template as it does require you to make some changes once you have run the template, although they are quick and easy changes.

Because of the added functionality of SEnuke TNG it means that we can now create templates that last a long time with the use of the loop function. With this template you can loop until your heart in content meaning that you can spend time setting up your campaign and then leave it to do its thing which it will quite happily do constantly if that is what you choose.

This template will create in effect continous blogs which have fresh content added all the time, but each time the content will be slightly different but always on topic. Over time you will effectively build blogs with a huge amount of content and variation in links.

Download The Template Here 

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