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New Template – YouTube Thunder

New Template – YouTube Thunder

This template has been released after an extensive period of testing as we wanted to make sure that the results that were achieved were the best that they could be.

After using different speeds and content sources we have found that this template works best run over 2 to 3 days and looped for up to 10 times (providing you have heavily spun content). The loop issue has been repaired on SEnuke on release 4.0.19 so make sure you have all updated your copy of SEnuke before running any more campaigns.

For Best Results From Content With YouTube Thunder Template

One thing you should know about linking to YouTube and that is that the content quality does not need to be the same as what you should be using for your organic search results. Don’t get me wrong, it cannot be off topic and complete garbage but actually receiving a penalty for bad content to a YT video are few and far between.

Ultra spun articles are not worth the effort for YouTube Videos

Article Builder does not cut it (even when spun) on a looped campaign

This really leaves you 2 options in my opinion. The first is you could heavily phrase spin an original article and that would be good for 5 to 7 loops (at a push).

The best option for me is to use Kontent Machine along with Spin Rewriter this ensures that you have a stack of content that is exactly on topic, spun to a readable state and will work well enough for up to 10 loops of this template and all at the click of a button.

Download YouTube Thunder Template Here







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