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Golden Rules Of Affiliate Marketing

When you get into affiliate marketing there are a great deal of mistakes that you could make. Here we will cover some of the main points that you should try and remember.

Promoting Too Many Products

This is one of the main mistakes people make when they start now in affiliate marketing. Of course the ideal scenario is to have income coming in from multiple streams, however you will soon discover that trying to promote too many products simply becomes unmanageable. Don’t simply go out and join every single affiliate program but do your research find a product that actually interests you in some way or other and work out a way forward from there.

Do Not Try And Sell

Okay I will be the first to admit that it seems bizarre not to try and sell the product which of course you need to do to try and make money. However, as an affiliate marketer is not your job to sell the product but to get them to the sales page itself and let them do the selling. Our job as affiliate marketers is to build up people’s interest in the product and tell them why they need it, what it can do for them and why it is better than the other products. Then, when they go to the sales page they don’t need the hard sell and believe me you will see a much better conversion rate this way.

Always Test And Re-Test

Whatever product you chose to promote you should always put yourself into the shoes of the person who could be potentially purchasing the product. Even test the product out for yourself but more importantly test out the seller’s follow-up techniques. Many times people will not buy straight away and it is good to see exactly how they try and persuade people to make the purchase. Do not be afraid to contact the vendor’s themselves and ask them to improve certain aspects if you feel genuinely that it would be mutually beneficial for them to do so. On the other side of things you want to make sure that they are not spammers. There is nothing that will put someone off purchasing a product if they send for five emails per day.

Get Your Tracking Setup From The Outset

One of the worst mistakes I’ve made with affiliate marketing was not using tracking right from the start. Even today I get sales the things that I have no idea where they have come from. If you correctly use tracking then you will know exactly where the sales have come from. This way if something works very well then you can expand upon it and repeat it.
Compare Your Product With Others

One of the best converting methods of affiliate marketing is comparison. This is more commonly known as reviews. Basically as a rough idea you will take your product and then compare it with the least to others and you will then be able to show in a better light which product is better. Of course trying it affiliate links for all of the products this way by looking at your tracking will be able to see which products are actually interesting the readers of your website more. From there you can move them around and put the highest converting at the top.

Avoid Promoting Make Money Online Products

There are several reasons why you should avoid this niche. The main reason is that it is crazy competitive. Some of the guys that are ranking to these keyword terms have been building links for years and ploughed in a serious amount of money to get themselves there. You will also find that there are way too many false claims in the make money online market. If you claim a website that you make $20,000 per week by using certain method it does not take long for readers of your site to work out its not true. Once they’ve figured it out your reputation will be shot. Don’t try and trick people just be open and honest about products and services. If you actually do make money on a system then be truthful and say exactly how much you’re making and more importantly prove it. This is of course not to say you cant make money from this niche, but we would recommend that you avoid doing so as your first venture.

Stay Focused For The Win

To get ahead in affiliate marketing you really do need to stay focused to the cause. The problem with working on the Internet especially when you start looking for products to promote is that there is always something that appears newer or better round the corner. Have courage in your convictions and stick with your product and keep pushing it. One of the main things is stay focused to your campaign in hand. If you digress midway through a project then it will amount to absolutely nothing. This is something that affected me in the beginning. I would have about 10 or 15 half completed projects which made me absolutely nothing. However the one campaign I did stick with was bringing in a good income.

So, stick with what we will tell you in the training and you will not go wrong. Of course any questions don’t hesitate to ask either in the forum or through support.


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