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How To… IM Guides

How many SEO specialists does it take to change a {lightbulb|light|bulb|light-bulb|lamp bulb|light bulb}?

Sorry, I like that joke. Be warned if you get in to this business too much you too will start to enjoy such humour, get out while you can!

We all have to start somewhere, and nobody knows everything! While SEnuke is very powerful if your site is a turkey then no amount of Nuking is likely to help it. Spending a little time getting your site right in the first place will drastically reduce the number of Nukes you need to do and save you time and money!

OK first what is in this section:

So what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? It is attempting to shape the results that Google and others give when people search for specific terms that you are promoting. Oh and in many ways it’s a myth, because with regards to the finer details nobody really can be 100% sure what to do. You can however draw upon the experiences of people who have tested out multiple methods and put in to use generally accepted best practices.

For instance it is commonly held that having your ‘keyword’ in your ‘domain’ or ‘page titles’ is a requirement, however those of you who have read our basic guide will already have seen that even this is not a strict requirement.

SEO itself falls in to two area, on-site and off-site. You can then divide it in to 3 general categories, Whitehat, Blackhat and these days Grayhat.

  • On-site SEO is about setting up your site with the best content, formatted in an optimum way for the search engines to spider and rank it. You job is to make the search engines job as easy as possible, guiding them to the content you want to rank highly and telling them the content you don’t.
  • Off-site SEO is all about how your site is seen on the rest of the Internet. Generally this boils down to backlinks, be they from other websites, forum posts, social media or even just people emailing your links to each other.
  • Whitehat refers to ‘safe’ practices, no spam, no automated link building
  • Blackhat refers to the opposite, however what most people call ‘blackhat’ is to be honest nothing compared to real blackhat. You will hear people refer to things like cookie stuffing as blackhat, but really that’s nothing. Site hacking, code injection and activities that you and I don’t even have a name for are really what blackhat is.
  • Grayhat is the inbetween state, not exactly clean and honest SEO but certainly not criminal!

Where does SEnuke fit in to this? Well primarily off-site of course, although you can use its niche research tool to help with on-site SEO if you really wanted. Though to be honest their are far better tools for this, we will be showing you two of them (Traffic Travis and Market Samurai, and before all you ‘experts’ laugh at the mention of Traffic Travis you should remember that for all its faults it is extremely easy to use and free!). It also fits somewhere between Whitehat and Grayhat, though the new forum profile nuke would certainly be classed as gray (especially if you use your own custom forum lists, which you should if you want better results, but we will go in to the later).

In this section we will not only be covering SEO aspects to SEnuke but all on-site and off-site aspect which will be important to you to outrank your competition, and we will also be making sure you know how to pick a winable fight!

The first place you should start though is with the 32 pages of official Google SEO Guide, they give this away free but so very few people actually bother to read it!


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