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SEnuke – Tutorials, Templates & Link Lists

SEnuke – Tutorials, Templates & Link Lists
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SEnuke XCr has been a major part of our SEO tools collection since August 2009, that is just a short period after it originally went public. As such, with very few exceptions, we at Zont SEO are some of the longest term users the program. SEnuke is link building software that was first dreamt up by Areeb Bajwa on the forums of Wealthy Affilaite back in 2008. Rather than enduring the hassles of manual link creation or the costs of pay per click marketing and outsourced link building he looked for a way to dominate the SERPs without paying for every word over and over again. The answer was cross platform automated link building, and the first proper link building software was born. SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

How To Promote Your Website

Using SEnuke you create a stream of one way links from authority sites to your own, thus giving your site the appearance of popularity and that top 10 search engine ranking you want. For harder terms you can run larger campaigns which not only create the links to your site, but also create sublinks to the very links you just made. So now at the touch of a button you can create a campaign that has links that go back one, two, three or even a thousand tiers if you want.

The Best Link Building Software

senuke-successThere is no other link building software like SENuke, many have come and gone over the years but it alone has stood the tests of time. Other packages simply spam your links out, with limited levels of control for the end user as to which sites they will actually be placed on. SEnuke gives you laser precision, if you don’t tell it to put a link on a site it will not. This allows you to run your web site promotion the way you want, only want 50 links on PR2+ sites? No problem. It is still possible to spam, however our SEnuke tutorials are not about that at all. We have been using this link building software ourselves since 2009 and have hundreds of top ten search engine rankings thanks to it.

How To Use Zont SEO

Now Zont SEO is a big site so if you are totally new to SEnuke I suggest you look through these pages first:

  1. SEnuke configuration (free)
  2. Getting content (free)
  3. Captcha, Proxies & SEnuke Spetsnaz Configuration (last is optional)
  4. Wizard Guide
  5. Wizard Video guide (In particular Project linking and Module specific as it goes in to more detail than the written version)
  6. Titles & Anchors in SEnuke
  7. Easy Nuking Strategy

Beyond that there is no particular order to the site, because there is no particular order to using SEnuke. It is the only link building tool that gives you the freedom to easily create campaigns as you want them. It is simply a matter of understanding all the different elements of it and then building your own strategy for your own Niche. However if you want some examples we do have several strategy ideas in the strategy section for you to build upon. Any content outside of the free section requires a subscription, the price is locked in at the time of your subscription and never goes up whilst active, subscriptions can of course be cancelled at any time directly by yourself. In addition to the tutorials we publish new templates every month, and every two weeks we updated our additional sites list for SEnuke. These are fully checked to be both working and giving publically viewable links. We have our own special software that will install these in to your copy of SEnuke at the press of a button, normally it would take you 10-20 minutes just to do this task. SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

Free Access To Zont SEO

Lastly if you have not bought SEnuke yet then buy through us to get our SEnuke Bonus, which gives free access to Zont SEO and exclusive discounts on VPS, hosting solutions and other tools that integrate directly with SEnuke. You also get priority support on any questions you want to ask us. We read and answer every single question ourselves, our help desk is not outsourced like so many other companies do. As always if you have any questions let us know, either through the support desk (there is a link top right of every page of this site) or the forum, you will need to be at least a free member to post on the forum. Enjoy!


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