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Advanced SEnuke Tutorials – Becoming a Pro

The advanced SEnuke tutorials section is for DEFCON4 and lower members only. You can gain access to this level with one of our subscription plans.

Hi  in advanced SEnuke tutorials we are going to talk about all the juicy stuff that you can do with SEnuke X. You already know how to do a simple blast, well you should if you read the Basic Guide PDF!

Advanced SEnuke TutorialsWe mentioned over in Basic that one of the problems with SEnuke X is simply that you can use it in so many ways, and with each update of the program there are more and more ways it would seem. What we cover in advanced SEnuke tutorials section are the various elite ways you can use the program, we try to cover as many angles as possible and offer you both the pros and cons of the different components of each SEnuke project. With this knowledge in hand it is up to you to decide how to approach your nuking, perhaps for instance you don’t want to be using the forum profile, or you may want to spin only certain tiers of your campaigns. Once you have the knowledge of how exactly SEnuke works you will be able to make these decisions yourself. If you are still confused then the Strategies section will cover in detail exact methods that you can use in SEnuke.


Please be sure to read through and complete the basic guide before moving on to our SEnuke advanced training.

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