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SEnuke VPS Guides

SEnuke VPS from Accu WebhostingWhat actually is an SEnuke VPS? A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, essentially this is where one powerful server is broken up in to many smaller servers. So rather than one person being able to use it, and of course paying for it, the cost and use is distributed amongst many users.

Now there are many ways to make an SEnuke VPS from a dedicated server, and they all cost different amounts of money. As with all aspects of life you generally get what you pay for, a server that costs $15 will never compare to one that costs $30, even if on paper the specifications seem the same.

Accu webhosting whom we offer in our SEnuke bonus is the most respected in the SEnuke VPS field and host more Nukers than any other provider (including the ‘official’ SEnuke one).

Accu Webhosting SEnuke VPS Special offers:

  • 100% control of the server
  • You are in charge of system updates and security
  • Can have issues with too many regbot complaints (Forum Nuke)
  • Lower system resources available for any given specification
  • Longer support hours
  • Slightly cheaper (for lower specifications only)

Our SEnuke specials all come with full support, if however you are well versed in working in a server environment you can click through on the top Menu at Accu Webhosting to ‘VPS Hosting’ and select the ‘Economy’ VPS and save a little more money. If going for Economy I would suggest getting the 4gb VPS as it has all the power you need for only $38/month.

Must I Get An SEnuke VPS?

No. Honestly I have seen people on the forums saying ‘you must have one an SEnuke VPS for success‘, this simply is not true. If you are just starting out with SEnuke then certainly you should think twice because owning am SEnuke VPS is not going to magically make your Nukes work better, or given you a guaranteed income. A low end VPS is actually not the fastest machine in the world, they compare quite well with desktop systems from about 3 years ago. You can buy such systems on eBay as ex-lease computers often for under $100. So if you have a fast internet connection at home do consider buying a seperate machine as an alternative to using an SEnuke VPS.

Ok now I have put everybody off, let me give you some reasons why you might like to consider an SEnuke VPS.

  1. 24/7 running, SEnuke X has a scheduler which allows it to run 24/7. If you want to make use of this you need to ensure your Nuking machine is also on 24/7, and doing this at home can be a pain.
  2. Connection speeds are higher, your home Internet might seem fast but probably you have 30mbit download and 1mbit upload speeds max. Ok some people are lucky and have more, but not many. A typical VPS will have at least 100mbit in both direction, and many have 1,000mbit or even 10,000mbit connections. The faster the connection the more threads you can run within SEnuke, the more threads the faster a campaign can be processed.
  3. Bandwidth costs, probably not something many people consider but much of the world has restricted Internet plans. Here in Australia I have 200GB a month of combined downloads and uploads, however the bandwidth used by my SEnuke VPS is separate to this. I only need to consider the bandwidth used while I am connected to the server, which is very small.
  4. Access from anywhere, got an iPhone or iPad (or perhaps even something without an Apple logo on it!!!) well you can connect in to your SEnuke VPS and control SEnuke from wherever you are. Going on holiday, business trip or simply away from home for a while? Not a problem just connect in to the VPS and work as if you were at home.
  5. Other applications, don’t just install SEnuke on your VPS but add in other SEO program too. You can run applications like Scrapebox and Traffic Travis, freeing up your home PC.

I myself have run SEnuke on a server since September 2009, I actually only ran it on my home PC for about the first couple of weeks. Only recently have I even run SEnuke on a PC again, and that was simply to make videos for this site. I certainly would not consider running SEnuke on my home machines anymore.

SEnuke VPS Guides:

If you are going for a Economy VPS you will need to configure it yourself, however we have a guide to SEnuke VPS configuration to that which should help you out.


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