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Spetsnaz Link Tool

Spetsnaz Link Tool

Adding new sites to your copy of SEnuke is now as simple as pressing a button with our Spetsnaz Link Tool. You will need to either be a Defcon 3 subscriber or use our free SEnuke Bonus offer to use this tool.

The additional sites are updated with additional new sites at least every 2 weeks and a full retest is done at least once each month on all existing sites in the list. We test using 3 different machines and a success on any one machine is enough for it to be included in our list. We see a variation of about 15% between machines, as each one runs a different configuration of AV and OS, so do not expect to get 100% of all sites every time.

In addition we run our tests with our Spetsnaz Configuration first, however failed sites are then retested using a different human captcha solving service. The two we use are ImageTypers and DeathByCaptcha, results between the two are always different. Each test machine runs between 50 and 100 proxies, and proxifier is always used even when only testing with paid captcha solving services.Download

You may need to set an exception for our program with your antivirus program, unfortunately because our programmer is uncommon is can set of false positives. If in doubt run a copy through the Virus Total website, this checked it out against multiple different scanners. You will see then most AV packages report it as safe.

Please remember we are manipulating SEnuke files in ways not originally intended by the programs author. Please do not ask for or expect support for this application from the SEnuke staff. If you have any issues please put in a ticket on our support system. Our software has a backup/restore function and we urge you to make use of it.

Installation & Use

Requirements: The Spetsnaz Link Tool requires .Net 4 which is available free from Microsoft if you don’t have it already. Those running with Windows XP will require Service Pack 3 in order to run .Net 4.

Firstly you need to install this software in to your “SEnuke/config” folder, this varies from PC to PC but the easiest way to find this is to ‘right click’ on your SEnuke icon and selection ‘Open File Location'”


This will open the SEnuke directory, then navigate to the ‘Config’ directory and copy all files from the download above. To make your life easier in the future you may then like to create a shortcut from the ‘SpetsnaZ Links.exe’ on your desktop.

Please be aware that during testing 90% of all problems we have encountered were down to Anti Virus programs or Windows 8 blocking the file. As such you may have to whitelist the program within your AV package, Norton for instance will auto delete the file ‘SharpCompress.dll’. In addition the file requires internet access in order to download the latest lists from our servers, so it will need access through any firewall you have. The other 10% of problems are when the file is not copied to the correct folder, it will only work when inside the SEnuke Config folder.

Once the two main files are installed, ‘SharpCompress.dll’ & ‘SpetsnaZ Links.exe’ simply run the program, read and accept the disclaimer and login using your ZontSEO username and password (do not try to use your SEnuke username and password here). If there are any updates to the software these will be auto installed at this point.

You will now have the application open, enter your Zont SEO username and password and click connect:



Make sure your SEnuke proxies are off and any close all copies of SEnuke, make sure they are fully closed not just minimised to the taskbar.

Now firstly create a backup of your existing files, select ‘Backup’ and press the backup button (1). Any time you need to restore this original configuration select ‘Restore’ and press the backup button again.

Then choose which list you want (2), all sites or only those sites PR1 or higher. The PR1+ option will always offer a smaller selection of sites than the ‘All Sites’, typically 20-40%.

Next select your mode (3):

  • Reset & Update: all existing user defined sites will be removed and our latest working list downloaded and installed to your copy of SEnuke. This option clears out any other sites you have installed yourself and also resets all the site ID numbers. If you use this option any existing campaigns you have running will probably not work properly anymore. We suggest using this option the first time you run the tool, and any time in the future where you need to effectively ‘start again’
  • Update Only: our latest list of sites will be downloaded and merged with your current site list. Any sites you already have will not be included again, however broken sites removed from our master list will also not be removed from your lists (unless you use  ‘Delete Dead Sites option’) and it will be up to you to remove broken sites. If you remove a site and later on we find it working again it will automatically be added again to your site list.

Lastly choose if you want to ‘Delete dead sites’ (4), this feature will look at your list and remove any sites which have failed our tests. It only deletes sites based on failures from the last 2 updates, so if you have not updated your list for a couple of months it will not delete all the dead sites and you will need to use the ‘Reset & Update’ option instead to clear out dead sites. However if you run this at least once a month, preferably every update though, your list will automatically stay quite clean.

Then press update (5), wait for the ‘Complete’ message and open SEnuke again to see your new user defined site lists.

If you want to alter your SEnuke so the built in list only has sites of PR2+ in then use button (6). Please note however this option is making changes to SEnuke files, not just the custom site files that our regular list changes, so it is for advanced users only!

Be aware that when creating accounts SEnuke first creates for all built in sites and then goes back and does the custom sites, so do not be concerned if you see SEnuke move on from a site type without completing your custom sites yet.


I Have A Problem!

Don’t worry, firstly restore your old list using the restore function. Then put a ticket in at and select ‘Spetsnaz Link Tool’ as the subject, we will get back to your ASAP with a solution. If you want to try and solve your issue the most common problems we encounter are:

  • Antivirus – make sure you AV package is not blocking our program
  • Proxies – turn off your SEnuke proxies, proxifier users need not worry about this though
  • Too many logings – your login is limited to 3 IP in any one 24 hour period, if you have tried to login from more than 3 IP your account automatically gets blocked for a day.



Q: Why don’t I get 100% success every time?
A: Well this depends on many factors, at the time of posting our list each site will have worked within the past 2-3 days on one of our test machines. However it need not have worked on all of our test machines, and we do see quite a variation between each machine. Even though they are all roughly configured the same hardware they do all run different AV, OS, proxies and captcha services. This you can instantly expect to see a good 15% variation from our 3 machine success and yours. In addition as soon as our list is released these sites take a bit of a pounding, the the weaker ones will just no cope with the traffic. These sites will either recover in time or they will get removed from our lists.

Q: How do you make the list?
A: Early lists were made using off the shelf tools, and we still scrape with Gscaper. The footprints we use for scraping are made by ourselves, there will be certain overlaps with the publically available ones but we tend to shy away from these where possible. Our lists are then run through a tool that sorts them with regards to site types, you may think that the scraping would do this but even with a tight footprint it is far from 100% accurate. Also by sorting in this way we can do scrapes with multiple footprints at once, for different site types, and this saves us time. Originally we have used comercially available site detectors, but these all have multiple weaknesses when it comes to SEnuke and so now we are moving over to a custom one.

Our scraped lists are then loaded in to SEnuke using our own tool, which splits them down to smaller lists. These are then tested using a special template, with at least 2 runs of each stage. The resulting working site files are exported as whole SEnuke files and then the collection of files accumulated over time is merged to make one file. The previous releases sites are then tested again and all files then merged in to one file. This is then PR checked and made ready for release.

As you can see the process is quite long, and requires costs, so for most people it is far easier to use our lists than create their own.


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