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SEnuke T1 Templates

SEnuke T1 Templates

SEnuke X brought us the Wizard, and a quick and easy way to create campaigns. However this wizard requires templates in order to tell it how to structure your links. You will have some SEnuke templates already, and in fact you will see we made several of those. If you want to get some of the very best SEnuke templates available then this really is the only place to look.

The templates in this section are called T1 templates because they are designed to be run against your MoneySite, though they will be good for use on any high quality T1 sites you have created already such as Squidoo, Hubs or WordPress Blog. Basically these are designed to be your first layer of Nuking, regardless of where you are actually Nuking to.

Our SEnuke templates are not the average ‘click and go’ ones you see everywhere, we show you how to edit the outcome of the wizard to create more powerful link structures which do not possess the footprints inherent in many project linking diagrams.

Be aware that in almost every case our templates can’t be simply ‘just run’ if you want the desired effect, they are generally designed to exceed the specifications of SEnuke Wizard and break down the barriers it imposes on us. As such each one will come with instructions on how to use it, modifications you will need to make.

If we are modifying the Wizard output then why on earth bother using it? Well by doing this we are creating a 3rd level to SEnuke, typically people either use the program alone or the wizard. Using the program alone can be complex, go and try making a Nuke Nukem campaign without the wizard!

However using just the wizard limits you to simple structures. While there are templates out there which are not simple in almost every case the output of that template is NOT what the author intended. This is down to the subtle ways SEnuke uses the templates, selects accounts and links everything. By doing a little post editing we are able to have the simplicity of the wizard and the power of using SEnuke on its own.


Example SEnuke Template

If you want to get an idea of how some of our more advanced templates look here is an image of Nuke Nukem from December 2011, one of the biggest, baddest SEnuke templates ever created.

SEnuke Template - Nuke Nukem

Don’t worry because subscribers get full instructions on how to use templates like this, trust me it is impossible to use this template correctly without our instructions.

What this template does is create a blog network using one set of accounts and then Nukes that blog network with two others set of accounts. In effect it is running an entire campaign from one template, the perfect template to setup when you are going on holiday!

Our SEnuke templates are all ‘correct’, that is they will actually produce the link structure that is intended. Many templates out there are designed by people who have not used SEnuke for very long, or just don’t understand exactly how these templates are processed within the program.

How to Quickly Edit SEnuke Templates

One question I have received several times is how to actually get to the diagram designer and load in these templates. Well normally you would be using them in the wizard, where it is the 4th tab along the top. However if you just want to edit some diagrams without actually using the wizard you can go straight to the diagram designer:

(Double click the video for fullscreen HD quality)

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