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SEnuke Templates 2011

2011 was the first year that SEnuke allowed the use of templates, before that you had to do everything by hand! While we still say doing stuff by hand is the best option we have found several ways around the limitations of the SEnuke wizard and have released several templates which effectively replicate extremely complex linking diagrams. Thankfully they all come with an explanation of how to use them, because in most cases our template are so comprehensive that just running them on their own would not result in success.

In 2011 the templates were:

  • The Original Full Monty
  • Carry On Up The SERPs
  • The Full Monty V2
  • The Power of One
  • Starburst
  • Mini Blog Network
  • Broken Square
  • Nuke Nukem

The last of those is just completely insane!

Now that 2011 is over roll on 2012, there are lots of new features coming to SEnuke in 2012 and you can be sure we will be taking advantage of all of them in our new templates!

To access any of these templates you will require a full subscription with our site, Defcon3,2,1 levels. If you are not currently such a subscriber you can upgrade your membership, or if elligible take advantage of our free bonus offer.

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