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SEnuke Templates 2012

Our 2011 SEnuke templates were some of the best available, perhaps the most popular of which was the now famous Full Monty template which you will still see all over sites like Fiverr and Warrior Forum. However there were actually many more that were even better, and only did not become more popular because we did not give them away free!

Our 2012 SEnuke templates promise to continue our policy of new templates each and every month, taking in to account the latest developments both within SEO itself and of course the SEnuke program.

So far in 2012 we have the following SEnuke templates:

To access any of these templates you will require a full subscription with our site, Defcon3,2,1 levels. If you are not currently such a subscriber you can upgrade your membership, or if elligible take advantage of our free bonus offer.

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