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The Full Monty 2013

In the past the Full Monty revisions have all been effectively adjustments to the original. However this time we sat down with a clean sheet of paper to design a suitable version for 2013.

Our goals were:

  1. Minimal CAPTCHA for maximum returns
  2. Limited Nuking beyond T2
  3. Works with no edits
  4. Uses every project effectively (Note: Except WordPress, add it if you need it)
  5. Maximum MS exposure
  6. Safe & risky variations
  7. Full use of xIndexer (Note: Pinger replaces xIndexer for those without premium accounts)
  8. Ability to create two campaigns in one day using default ArticleBuilder settings
  9. A design we actually like!

That last one will surprise some people, but those of you who have been here for a while will know we are not overly keen on the original Full Monty (even though we made it!).

The Full Monty 2013

There are 4 variations of the template

  1. – The Full Monty 2013
    The base version, and the one most people will use. There is limited use of the xIndexer project, and thus it is suitable for those with only basic accounts.
  2. – The Full Monty 2013 (Indexer)
    A version of the above that makes full and proper use of the xIndexer project, this is really aimed at those with a professional package but you will get away with a personal one as long as you don’t try and run the whole template in just a few days! See xIndexer website for more details of their packages.
  3. – The Full Monty 2013 (Profiles to MS)
    For maximum MS linking we bring back something from the original Full Monty, profiles linked directly. This is perfect for those using the Crash & Burn strategy or willing to take a few more risks. Mix this in with our monthly packages of forum links for an extra boost.
  4. – The Full Monty 2013 (Indexer & Profiles to MS)
    Combining all the above, this template comes with a government health warning in 17 countries already. You are really going to need a large xIndexer account and be ready for the massive number of links that are going to be created!


  • Profiles needed: 2
  • Links per project: 1
  • Days to run: 7, 10, 13 (you can go longer but 19 would be the longest I would do)
  • AB Credit ratio: 12 (so with default SEnuke AB settings its 12×15 = 180 Articles)

Optional Campaign Edits:

As always the projects are named so if you want you can use account control, like we do in most of our templates here, assign all group A to Profile 1 and group B to Profile 2. This will give you a neater link structure, but it’s purely optional in the case of Full Monty Templates.

You may like to add a MS link in to the following projects:

  • A T2 SN (B T1 SN)
  • B T2 SN (A T1 SN)

The link to use is:

#keep##randurls[1|1|, |Money Site URL List 1|]#

This will effectively turn the T2 links in to T1 links, while at the same time powering up the existing T1 SN.

There are of course many other edits you could make, but those are the two most obviously beneficial ones. The above edits, and many others, have of course been covered in the videos to our other premium templates.


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