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The Full Monty 2014

Note: This is a free template and not part of the Zont SEO monthly templates.

We have updated The Full Monty this year to take a proportionally higher Social Network, and to take advantage of the unlimited recaptcha solving that our SEnuke Spetsnaz configuration gives us for Bookmarks. As usual though all the project modules are present somewhere, after all it would not be a Full Monty without them. ZontSEO Full Monty 2014 Well actually you will notice that Ping tool is missing, that’s because its massively slow and totally useless in 2014 (as it was in 2013.. 2012.. 2011..). We have replaced the ping tool with a final toolbox in to which you can place your Indexification API details. We add Indexification to most of our premium templates, but this is the first free one to include it. Don’t worry if you have not plans on getting indexificaiton as the toolbox will just do nothing of importance if you dont set it up. indexification

How To Use Indexification (Optional)

The code for the ‘Indexification Toolbox’ is:

  • URL:
  • Parameter Name: urls
  • URL List: ‘Select All’ (Optional remove MoneySite url list)

Remember to use YOUR Indexification API key, it will not work without it. In the video below we do a full setup of the Indexification Toolbox, this is not strictly needed as you will get away with just adding the URL, parameters and selecting all URL lists.

If you have InstantLinkIndexer you can use that in place of Indexification, it’s exactly the same setup with the toolbox and API key.

The template is structured so that whilst two of the social networks start at the same time one will complete before the other, and the second tier of that network will then start. This second tiers job is only to re-enforce the power of the first tier. For safety there are no profile links connected your moneysites. Project Details:

  • Time to Run: 7,10 or 13 days
  • Article Builder Ratio: 10
  • Profiles Needed: 1
  • Links: 1

Happy Nuking!


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