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The Full Monty 2015 – SEnuke XCr Edition

Another year and so another Full Monty, as usual the requirements have been to use every project type but in a logical way. This year we have again tried to keep the captcha costs down, so the template can be run with a single account profile without issue. Be aware that all Full Monty templates are big on link creation, they are not subtle in any way and are more useful for those looking for an instant hit rather than long term slow moving approach. That is of course why they always seem to be just about the most popular template used by Nuking services on Fiverr!



There are two version of the file included, the on labeled ‘safer’ has no T1 links from profiles. Profiles were a popular linking method a few years back however overuse of them can look unnatural so we like to limit their use these days.

The ‘Toolbox’ at the bottom left of the template is so you can add in your own indexing or pinging services to the template easily, we use:


InstantLinkIndexer: (5000 links a day for about $25/month)

 To use Instant Link Indexer open the ‘Toolbox’ called ‘External Indexer’ and insert the following details:

  • URL:
  • Parameter Name: urls
  • URL List: ‘Select All’ (Optional but recommended to untick ‘MoneySite url’ list)

The same procedure if used for Indexification if you use that, for any other services contact their support to see how their integration works.

InstantLinkIndexer did not have the highest results in our tests, but they did offer the best cost/performance results with easy SEnuke integration.

Project Specifics:

  • Article Builder Ratio: 13
  • Days to run: 7 – 14 days
  • Links per profile: 1
  • Account Profiles Needed: 1

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