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Free Beginners Tutorials

OK the basics of SEnuke XCr, where to start? What is basic really?

SEnuke is one of the most complex bits of SEO software available, it is so complex than many people think it’s easy and miss out on 75%+ of what it can do. People also tend to totally misunderstand what SEnuke actually does and how it creates the links. We try our best here at Zont SEO to explain away some of the secrets of SEnuke and show you some of the complex tasks you can do with it.

Now don’t worry we understand many people just want to get going, so we have strategies for new users too. However we do hope that you go through everything we have here and work our your own unique strategy combining the best of our and your own knowledge.

In the free section you will find:

This is of course only the tip of the iceberg, our full site has over 200 templates, strategies and tutorials such as:

  • Want to know how to really use the wizard?
  • How invisible links work in SEnuke?
  • How to auto create perfect bookmarks?

We update the site constantly, you can look through our front page to see most of the updates since the site was created.

There is no bigger resource of SEnuke related content available anywhere.

We want you to learn how to use SEnuke properly, not spam away with pointless junky content that helps nobody.

So enjoy the free content and when you are ready move on to our much more advanced sections.


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