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Content For SEnuke TNG

Content  For SEnuke TNG

Content is probably the most important factor when it comes to ranking a website. There is no getting around the fact that to sustain long-term rankings website in the content on the money site needs to be of a top-level quality. You need to provide the audience with the answers that they were looking for in their initial search query.

We need to be clear here before you even get started that the content quality you use in your SEnuke campaigns will be directly related to the overall success you will see from your linking efforts.

Over the years when using tools such as a SEnuke, how we get our content has certainly changed.

In general content was with broken down into two sections which were:

1.. Automatically created (poor quality)

  1. Manually created (good quality)

These days things have changed somewhat in respect that the content on your money site is the top-quality and the content used to link to your website directly needs to be exactly on topic and unique enough to actually get indexed. The problem many SEnukers have is that while the content they are pushing out maybe well and read pretty well is still not unique enough to get indexed.

Fortunately, the team at a SEnuke has recognised this and integrated more options for you to select well spun content easily into your campaigns.

For a long time now Kontent Machine has been our favourite choice for mass-produced content that is spun well enough to still get indexed by Google. Put simply the reader have to have 100% unique content or have your content spun by word.

Need to make it perfectly clear that if you are needing a website that you want to rent in the long term then using only the highest quality content for your Tier 1 links will be safe. Of course if you are trying to get quick games then well spun content that gets indexed in the short term is perfectly fine. My personal point is that ranking website is not as easy as it used to be so if you are going to spend time producing content then you may as well produce good quality content and reap the benefit from it.

This guide will show you how we use certain software in order to get content of different quality scales for different circumstances.

Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine has been our favourite choice for content creation for SEnuke for quite some time. One of the main reasons is because you have lots of options to choose in respect to quality such as 100% readable through to 100% unique. It also has the ability to create so many of the little things that the other software is just cannot such as titles, but not descriptions and tags.

Up until the launch of SEnuke TNG Kontent machine was not built into SEnuke. Now that it is (because of our recommendations, cough cough) we finally have a choice of software built directly in to SEnuke that gives the ability to create content that will get indexed by Google. While the software is built into SEnuke in order to create exactly the right content for the correct module then it always pays you to place the content created by content machine into the article manager within SEnuke. This way you can be sure that each module is getting loaded with content that you have set your own requirements.

Of course, if you are in a rush then there is no problem at all just using SEnuke to communicate with Kontent Machine directly to download content. We do have a Free Guide on how to use Kontent Machine which is worth going through, even if to fully understand how Kontent Machine works and then you can work out how to best use it for maximum results in SEnuke.

Article Builder

Up until not too long ago Article Builder was our favourite choice for content creation for our SEnuke campaigns. Unfortunately, the content on article builder does not seem to be refreshed at the kind of rate we would like to see which means that we had to relegate article builder down to only being used for Tier 2 and below links.

This is not to say that it is not worth purchasing article builder. As you will learn over time the vast majority of links in new campaign are within the second and third tier. This means that article builder is worth far more than what we pay for it and as such still warrants a place in our content arsenal.

The Leading Articles

When VitaVee launched the leading articles it was around the time that SEnuke launched the XCr variation. At the time there was no doubt that they were by far the best content available to be used in a Tier 1 nuking campaign. These days unfortunately they have not been updated enough to warrant the money and unless they are a direct match to your niche then we do not tend to use them. The principle behind them however is sound and when we create our handmade ultra spinnable articles we use the same methodology that they did in order to create them.

So Which Option Is Right For You?

Well there is no doubt that Kontent Machine is well worth the investment and luckily we have negotiated a great discount with them which you can get HERE however that offer is only available for 24hrs after first viewing it so be quick. Depending what I am planning to do, I tend to use Kontent Machine for the vast majority of my linking.

Article Builder for me though is still worth the money that it costs. I personally only use it now on Tiers 2 and beyond but that is more than enough. The fact is that you should never throw all of your eggs in one basket which is why we always recommend mixing it up a bit and using different content sources for your linking.







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