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SEnuke Spetsnaz Configuration

SEnuke Spetsnaz Configuration

SENuke TNG Update: Unless you want to setup the Master/Server OCR solving version we suggest most people no longer use this setup. SEnuke TNG has built in proxies and auto rotates them anyway. If you do use this setup it’s likely there will be issues with the SEnuke proxies so make sure those are turned off!

The Spetsnaz Configuration was originally created back in 2013 to enable triple captcha solving in SEnuke when the application itself only supported the use of one captcha solver.

These days however SEnuke has been updated to include the possibility to use two captcha solvers out of the box, though there are still many advantages with regards to speed and options for running with our setup.

In particular we can control exactly when and where proxies are used, we can disable proxies for particular tasks (like email collection or pinging) and can even use different sets of proxies at the same time, none of this is supported by SEnuke out of the box.

If you need to refer back to the old V3 you can do so here.

If you are new to Nuke or simply don’t need a complex setup like this take a look at our simple setup.

SEnuke Spetsnaz Configuration V4 is only available to members.

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