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Mass Title Changing

Please be aware that both methods on this page require doing things with SEnuke that are not part of day to day Nuking. Please do not expect SEnuke staff to support you in working this method! However if you want to change all the titles in any template you can do this in under 60 seconds once you know how.

This enables you to use our Enhanced Longtail Titles method without wasting your time going through all the projects putting them in.

You need a free copy of Notepad++ to do this, don’t use normal notepad please!

Basic Method – When All Titles Are The Same

In the video above we replace 33 titles because the ‘New Wizard Project’ is still in the list of projects, if you remove this you will see a lower number (16 for that template).

Remember to use spintax in your new title and to include the {} either end.

Members please login to see how to complete this using regular expression, this enables you to change the titles in all campaigns even if you have used different articles for each campaign.

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Update 16th August: With both methods above if you have issues copying in your titles to the ‘replace’ box or your titles have been cut when viewing in SEnuke then you have hit the limitations imposed by Notepad++ search/replace function which seems to be 2048 characters. You can expand these limitations using the free TextFX plugin, which anybody using our titles method will already have. You then use ‘TextFX’ > ‘TextFX Quick’ > ‘Q:Find/Replace’. There may still be limitations with the maximum size of titles in SEnuke though and we are not sure quite where that limit could be. You want to setup the Text/FX Find/Replace as in the following picture, using the same expressions as used in the guide above for the search and replace functions.


Update Sept 1: It would seem this method only works with NotePad++ versions before 6.0 … if you have a newer version check this thread for possible solutions.

We have tested this method as working with titles up to 20,000 characters long when using TextFX plugin.


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