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Kontent Machine 3 Tutorials & Review

Firstly  if you want to see the old Kontent Machine V2 guides click here.

Kontent Machine version 3 is a welcome improvement over version 2, it is now much nicer to look and and simpler to setup yet still have all the old features we loved. They have automated much of the previous setup requirements so you can now get your content with just a couple of clicks rather than wading through menu after menu.

In addition they now offer a lifetime license all the time, which is only $217 through our discounted link. Please be aware that the lifetime discount offer expires 24 hours after you click through, once it expires the price works its way to the full price of $357, though the monthly price will always remain at the discounted rate of $29/month rather than $37/month. Honestly it is no idle threat the price offered to you does go up, and clearing your cookies etc will not bring the old price back.

Kontent Machine allows you to:

  • Generate unlimited amount of content
  • Set that content to be as unique, relevant or media rich as you want
  • Add in your own content existing articles or created spun articles
  • Directly import to multiple SEO programs or publish to your own blogs directly

It is a great source of content for both SEnuke, RankWYZ and FightBackNetwork.

When working with Kontent Machine you idealy need access to a spinning tool. It is possible to work with The Best Spinner, which is a standard tool for all IM’ers. However if you want the best quality you need to be using Word AI turing,  SpinRewriter or Spin Chimp (more details about those in the written tutorial below the video). Word AI will product by the best results, but it is also very slow to do the initial database build and quite costly. However you can re-use the database multiple times to create new aritcle sets so if you work in a specific niche you have the option to get Word AI for a month and use all your credits up building databases of content, then cancel Word AI and use that content over the coming months. If you are in a hurry to get content then SpinRewriter will be a good 10 times faster, it is common for a Word AI full spin to take an hour plus. However it can be well worth the wait, and not something you need do very often.

Kontent Machine Discount

 Note: The discount is a one time offer, if you do not get to our special page with a Zont SEO logo on it
then you have unfortunately already been offered a discount on Kontent Machine before and turned it down.


Using Kontent Machine For SEnuke & Other Tools:

Now right now Kontent Machine is not integrated in to SEnuke, so there is some manual work required in getting the content in to your campaigns. There is an API for content machine and once they have their cloud databases setup we can ask Areeb to add this as an option.

Now remember Kontent Machine is auto creating content for us, it’s not going to be 100%perfect if you use the scrape method. If you want perfect content you can use the ‘own articles’ method and use KM to add in links, titles etc. However in our example we use the scraper as that’s what most people use, so understand it will not be perfect.

The following video guide takes you through using Kontent Machine to build a database of content suitable for the SEnuke Wizard. This contains both the wizard token and a secondary set of links to high PR authority articles found with Scrapebox. You would follow the same procedure if creating content for any other application or for FightBackNetwork.

In this video the following tools are used:


Using Advanced Linking Techniques with Kontent Machine

In the above long tutorial we created a list of authority sites that were all page rank PR2+ and linked them with relevant longtail keywords, we did this using Scrapebox and Keyword Research/Keyword Extreme. You can however automatically create lists of authority links right in Kontent Machine. Not only that but you can auto create generic word lists and, best of all, you can even create deep linking campaigns where specific keywords link to specific URLs. This is pretty amazing stuff, and something I guarantee you 99% of of Kontent Machine users do not even know exists let alone use.


Using Kontent Machine Version 3 – The Written Version

The first thing you will notice when you open Kontent Machine is how much nicer it looks, if a program was rated by its looks alone we would be on to a winner already:

Main screen of Kontent Machine

The options you have are:

  • New – start a new project using the full project builder
  • Saved – carry on with an existing project including building new content from it
  • Quick – a cut down version of the new project builder with some options removed
  • Blueprints – you saved link layouts, these are using in the projects to determine what type and how many links go in each article
  • Tools – quick use tools for bookmarks, articles, about me and various spinning tools
  • Back – returns you to whatever you were doing before you came to the main screen

We will be going through the ‘New’ project builder, once you know how to use this you will find the same applies to the Quick builder.

Click on ‘New’

Kontent Machine Setup Page 1

Lets go through our options step by step.

Scraper Settings: Here you configure your proxies, you can get away without using proxies but if you have them you will be able to run faster. We use our BuyProxies here, but most proxies will work just fine.

Campaign Settings: This gives you the option to turn on/off adult content searches and specify the number of variations you want to create each time. Leave this at the default, unless you need the adult content of course.

Content Source: Here we pick between scraping content, using existing articles or a combination of them both. So now if you have a large collection of articles written by your own team you can use Kontent Machine to either insert new scraped content in them, or using the ‘Add Own Content…’ option at the bottom of the page you can insert new generic spun ‘intro’, ‘mid’ and ‘conclusion’ paragraphs in to your articles and thus add links in context. If you don’t have any articles you can even use the Article Builder website to create articles for you, use the flat spin output. Article builder will allow you to create 20 articles at a time, so run it through 5 times and you will have 100 new articles that you can use in Kontent Machine. The biggest advantage here is that you know the articles will be high quality. So you can build yourself a Nuke campaign as normal, with the Wizard or Turbo Wizard, then just replace the articles in the T1-MS section with your new Kontent Machine articles, which have your generic ultraspun text and thus in context links placed in them. Amazing, and more unique, articles for minimal effort.

It should be noted there is also an integration option with Leading Articles if you have any content from that service. Leading Articles was a big thing a few years ago, so I know many of you already have plenty of content from them.

In our example however we are going to use the ‘Built-In Article Scraper’

Campaign Name: This is the name that your project will be saved under, I would suggest you think ahead and name things based on both the Niche and the keyword you are targeting.

Main Keyword: This is the word that Kontent Machine will be scraping for, it will search all its databases of content looking for articles which are about this keyword.

2nd and 3rd Keyword: Here you can target additional keywords for scraping, make sure they are related to the first one! In some smaller niches you will find that the program can’t find enough content based only on your main keyword (this was more of an issue in Kontent Machine 2 as they have more content sources now). If this is the case add in additional keywords in this area to help it find more content.

Content Quality: This is one of the places Kontent Machine 3 really ups its game in comparison to the previous version. There is actually no longer any need to configure the quality settings as in 99% of cases the only two you need  are ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’. Both of these are pre-programmed to use only what it determines is the best quality content and to spin them in a way which is most readable. Specifically the spin will be based on entire paragraphs when using these two levels. Lets give an example:

Assume we have scraped 10 different articles, in actual fact there will be hundreds or thousands, and we have making a new article from these. Kontent Machine will now pick one paragraph from perhaps 6 of those articles and use each paragraph to make a new article. It is true that the paragraphs might not match up to each other if you read the whole article, but read on their own they will make perfect sense. Most moderators do not read the entire article when you post something, though they tend to do that more often on Article sites. They will read perhaps the first and last paragraph, if those make sense your article gets passed through the moderation que.

In addition though the built in algorithms in Kontent Machine try to match the paragraphs as best it can so they do make sense next to each other. Remember though this is automated, and unlimited, content creation do not expect the highest quality Pulitzer Prize winning articles to be produced.

The next level of creation beyond this will mix up not only the paragraphs but also the lines as well. Only use Tier 3 quality if you do not need your content to be readable, but instead just need unique content. If you want the very lowest quality then change ‘Content Quality’ to one of the custom options, then click on settings and configure as follows:

Extreme Low Quality

Only ever do this if you need a massive amount of low quality and unique content, for instance running a very low tier campaign.

We will be using Tier 1 settings, and in most cases you should too.

Spinner: Firstly you need to setup your spinners, click on the ‘Credentials’ icon and you will get a list of the possible choices:

  • KM Spinner: This is the built in spinner that comes with Kontent Machine. We have not used this very much and so can’t give you an honest review of it. We would suspect it to be at the level of the SEnuke built in spinner, so it would be OK if you have no alternatives.
  • SpinnerChief: This used to be an excellent free spinner, however these days it is a paid for product. It mainly competes against The Best Spinner (TBS), and honestly if you are going to get only one spinner it should be TBS as it works in more SEO programs than any other spinner out there.
  • SpinChimp: A highly undervalued spinner, the quality is about on a par with Spin Rewriter. One of its biggest draws is the lifetime license is only $139, but they have 3 month subs from $29 if you just want to try it out.
  • SpinRewriter: We have used this package for a few years now, ever since it first came out of beta. The latest release puts it right up there with the best auto spinners on the market, though not quite reaching WordAI levels yet. However you will find they, and SpinChimp, are much faster to use than WordAI. For instance a spin that might take 10-15 minutes in SpinRewriter could be 1-2 hours in WordAI. Look at it as 80% of the quality in 10% of the time, and a fraction of the cost.
  • The Best Spinner: The original quality spin tool, if you are doing manual spins then this is the tool to use. Forget the rest. However when it comes to auto spins it is well below what Spin Rewriter, Spin Chimp and WordAI can give you. It is however pretty hard to function in the Internet Marketing world and not own a copy, so if you have this and nothing else it should still be a better option than the built in spinner.
  • WordAI: The daddy of all auto spinner, easily the best on the market but also the slowest and most expensive. If you use it a lot then email Alex the owner and get on to the yearly package. Not only is that going to save you some dollars but it also changes the monthly limits on your account to a yearly one. As a result if you have a heavy month and then a slow month it evens out better on your usage limits. We love WordAI here, but be aware its a really slow process. Kontent Machine sends a LOT of data up for spinning, so make sure you are happy with everything before you submit it. Then go do something else while WordAI does it stuff. Only consider the Turin plan from Word AI, if you are looking at the basic plan then go for Spin Rewriter or Spin Chimp instead.

Which spinner to use? The best overall value is Spin Chimp, as they have a cheap lifetime license, fairly quick and decent results. The best for quality is WordAI Turing, however Spin Rewriter is only a little bit below them in terms of quality and far better priced.

In all instances be sure to tick ‘Let KM automatically adjust settings’. This will ensure that only the best quality spin settings are used for Tier 1, and auto degrade the spin quality if you use one of the lower tiers. Truly set and forget, another great improvement of Kontent Machine 3.

Protect Keywords: If you are trying to rank the page where the Kontent Machine generated articles will be placed then turn ‘Protect Keywords’ on. In particular if you are using your own articles where they have been written to a specific keyword density you will want to use this option. For normal scraping of content, where we will use it in SEnuke primarily to get the Tier 1 backlink only then you can leave this ‘Off’

Images/Videos: If you are creating content for an Article or Wiki site then set this to ‘none’. If you are making content for PDF, Social Network, WordPress, blog networks or any other source that allows media to be included then you will want to select one of the other options. With sites that allow media rich content having images in your posts will give it a huge boost. However remember to not go overboard, and in SEnuke we suggest you use the option of  ‘Just an Image’ or ‘An image or a video’, remembering not all Social Network sites support video but most will support images. If you are doing content for a PDF then only use the image function, videos do not work in PDFs.

Under ‘Advanced’ you can select how images and videos will be placed in to your article, by default a random placement will be used each time. If you want to specify things so you are sure they will always look good then untick the ‘Random settings’ option and for images use ‘Alignment: Right’ and ‘Choose a random paragraph’. That will keep images looking natural. You can do the same for videos, though they often work best when central aligned.

Kontent Machine Discount

Additional ‘Tweaks’

At the bottom of the page we have 3 options for further tweaking the content, one we have already briefly mentioned.

Article Tweaks:

Article Tweaks

Lets go through our options here:

Spinning Type: This allows you to set the type of spinning used within the created article itself. The default is ‘Paragraph’ which will leave whole paragraphs as per the original article. This will give you the best readability, but at the expense of uniqueness. Using this option your completed article will be a collection of other articles, so there will be almost no unique content to it. What will however be unique is the article as a whole, because while all the text has been seen before it has not been seen in this combination. That is exactly how Leading Articles and Article Builder work too, the content has been seen before but each combination of content is unique.

Other options here are ‘Word spinning’ where the content of the paragraphs will be sent through your spinner, the result will be more unique but less readable. Lastly there are two variations of character spinning, this is where substitute ASCII characters are used to replace your current text. So a word will still look like a real word to a reader but to a machine it will be something completely different. Such articles however have zero worth when it comes to SEO, they are only for link building, and can easily be detected by search engines. In addition services like FightBackNetworks will spot this sort of spinning with ease, and not allow you to post. Unless you know you need this sort of spinning do not use it.

Paragraphs Count: Determines the minimum and maximum number of paragraphs that can be in each article, give it a nice wide range to get a better diversity of articles created.

Paragraph Spacing: For SEnuke use you want to select ‘blankline’ for FightBackNetworks use ‘<br>’. For other packages you should consult their requirements, though most will use the same setting as SEnuke needs.

Article Tags: Tick the ‘split tags into single words’ if you want to have a higher level of success. There are a number of sites that will not allow double word tags so if you leave this unticked you will not be able to post there. Only use multi word tags if you absolutely need them for the SEO of the page and you are happy to miss out on those extra links. Equally for SEnuke set the tags count to a minimum of 3, you may also like to set the maximum at 3 if you want to get the absolute most links, however we use a setting of 5 here and trade some success for greater diversity.

Lastly you can adjust the maximum characters, generally the tags generated are small and you dont need this. However if you find you get problems with massive tags being generated then set this down to a smaller number.

About Me: changes the style of resource box/about me box. For SEnuke, because we manually load in the content, you can ignore this.


Bookmark Tweaks

This is similar to the previous tweaks page:

Bookmark Tweaks

Set the spinning type to ‘Word Spinning’, or of course ‘none’, and do not use Character spins. Below that set tags to single words, and set the minimum to 3 again.

For bookmarks you typically have up to 50 words, which would be circa 250 characters if you wish to hard code this maximum in.


Add Own Content…

One of the best parts of Kontent Machine, and the part most people never even look at! This allows you to customise either the scraped content or your own articles to your exact needs.

There is so much potential here, and too much going on to describe with text, that it deserves it’s own special video:


As you can see this allows you to add in your own elements to any of the common fields (Titles, Images, Videos, Tags and Categories) as well as inserting custom text to just about anywhere in the article. Perfect for adding uniqueness to your scrapes or in context links to your existing articles.

Lastly you click on ‘Next’ to bring up the screen where we add links:

Kontent Machine Links

Here we setup exactly how links will be added to our articles, the first link you will have is the default ‘Main Keyword’ and this will be an ‘in context’ link. That is the link will be in the actual text itself and from the keyword you have chosen earlier, by far the best sort of link placement you can use.

For SEnuke Wizard use you should tick the box on the right that says ‘Token’ and use the token #links#, the wizard will use this as a marker to replace that with a keyword and link, remember to use the same keyword in SEnuke in order for the content and link to make sense. Alternatively you can use other SEnuke commands such as:

#randurls[1|1|, |Money Site URL List 1|]#

Which would call a link from the Money Site URL list 1, this is advanced stuff however and requires forward planning. We suggest you stick with using the Wizard and #links#. For other SEO packages you will need to see what place holder they use for links, ask their support if you can’t find it on their site.

Alternatively you can also hard code the links in, this will then work in any SEO program but you should remember that you can then only use the articles created in that on specific campaign. Do not worry too much about that though as you will find generating a new set of articles takes <5 seconds after we have done the initial article database build. To add you own links simply click in the box where in our picture it says ‘1 Url/1Keyword’ and then enter your URLs on the left and keywords on the right.

To add in extra links, for example in the video at the top of the page we created a set of links to high PR authority sites, click on the ‘Article Body Links’ box and select 1. Now add in your list of URLs and keywords, and adjust the ratio of ‘No Follow’ to 50:50 for these high PR outbound links. Again see the longer video at the top of the page to find out how you scrape these keywords and URLs with Scrapebox.

For an additional link you can also tick the ‘Activate Image Links’ button, this will make the links in your article live links, so anybody clicking on them or search engines visiting will see the link to your site.

For most SEO programs the ‘Output Format’ will be HTML, if you are using programs that post to forums then you may need to use BBcode (Xrumer for instance uses BBcode).


Time To Build

Our setup is now complete, once you have gone through the above a few times you will see its actually only a couple of minutes. Do not worry if you have done something wrong, as long as you have picked the right keyword, scraper and spinner for your needs everything else can be easily changed later and it will only take a few seconds to recreate new content again.

However the first time you click on ‘Build Content’ it may take a long time, this is mostly down to the spinning process. What Kontent Machine does is scrape hundreds, or thousands, or articles and then find links to many pictures and videos. The articles are then effectively broken up in to their relevant parts and each and every part is spun up as determined by your spin settings chosen on the first page. That can be a huge amount of spinning, so services like WordAI which require a lot of CPU time will take a very long time to complete. Consider if you have 1000 articles downloaded that’s 1000 article spins you may be doing.

However as already mentioned this spinning only takes place the very first time, on subsequent builds the database will just be used again.

Our choices for building and exporting are:

Build Content: This creates a page of spun content that can be used for Articles, Social Networks, Blogs, Bookmarks etc. With all the details you need like categories, tags etc as well as any images, videos and links you have requested coded in to the article. You simply select ‘copy’ for each field and copy them in to the relevant space in SEnuke Wizard or whatever program you are using.

Kontent Machine Article Built

Build & Export: Here you get the option to export your articles in to formats that other SEO programs can import.

Kontent Machine Export Articles

For SENuke its important that you don’t use the #links# token when setting up your links as you can’t import this way to the wizard. Instead you would pick one of the SEnuke templates in Kontent Machine and export the number of articles you want and save them to your disk. Then in SEnuke use the ‘Load Articles’ function, its next to the Create Spinner Articles tab in projects like Social Network, and have SEnuke load your files in. It’s not that easy to create a multi tiered project this way, so my advice would be to create a project in the wizard as normal and then edit the T1 projects and change their article source to the ‘Load Articles’ method. You then only need do this for your Tier 1 to MoneySite links and you can use the default token that SEnuke uses:

#randurls[1|1|, |Money Site URL List 1|]#

For the lower tiers you can then leave it as the content created by SEnuke. Remember if you use the custom titles option we talked about earlier your Tier 2 will get great anchor texts automatically!

The export function support multiple SEO programs, including Sick and GSA, out of the box. You can also use the template builder to create your own output styles, for instance for a particular blog network you might be a member of.

Build & Post: Click this and you will be able to post directly to your WordPress blogs and even to RankWYZ. The first time you use this you will need to ‘Right Click’ in the empty space of the ‘AccountBlogger’ window to add your login details.

Save Blueprint As… : If you are always created content of a certain type, for instance as in our video at the top we have a configuration with a #links# token for SEnuke wizard and several hundred authority sites coded in as well, you can save this as a ‘Blueprint’. Then in the future rather than setting everything up again you can just click ‘Change Blueprint’ and reload your settings.


Building More Articles

Once you have built your first articles your database of articles will be ready to make new articles again and again. You do not need to go through the whole build process again each time. Simply click on the ‘Saved’ icon on the main page and open up your existing project. You can then edit and change every setting except the ‘Keyword’. You will also find there is now an option called ‘Database’ and here you will have the choice of ‘1’ or ‘2’. After Kontent Machine spins your database of article up is saves another copy that is unspun. This enables you to use all that data again either unspun, or you can spin that copy again with a different spinner.

So for instance you could have Database 1 with WordAI spins for all your Tier 1 stuff and Database 2 with Spin Chimp for all your Tier 2. It is an extremely useful feature.

As always we urge you to have a ‘play’ with Kontent Machine, during first testing I suggest you either set your spinning to ‘none’ as this will be much faster and not waste any spin credits, you can then get a feel for the program quickly and easily. Once you know what you are doing you can start to spin things up for actual use.

Remember you do not have to build the database each and every time you want to create articles. Build your database based on your keyword and then use that over and over. The exact number of times you can use it will of course depend on how many posts you are doing, and what type of spin you have done. However remember spins created with Article Builder and Leading Articles have been used tens of thousands of times without issue.

If you have any comments or questions about using Kontent machine, or our special discount offer, then let us know in the comments below or pop in a ticket if its something you don’t want to be public.


Kontent Machine Discount

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