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Don’t Rely 100% On Adwords for Keywords

Don’t Rely 100% On Adwords for Keywords

As so many of you bought LongTail Pro during the recent sale it is probably a good time to remind everybody that you must not rely only on Adwords for gathering your keywords, if you do that you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.

It is important to remember that the primary purpose of Adwords is to make Google money, anything else is secondary only to that. On the flip side the purpose of search is split, yes Google wants to make money by displaying those very adverts, but at the same time they need to present a good user experience.

What we want are to include the keywords that people actually do search for, or might search for, but ones that might not be profitable to Google and so are not actively presented in Adwords data. We can then add this data in to Long Tail Platinum (it will not work with the pro version) and analyse them all at once.

As we have mentioned before our other preferred keyword tool is Keyword Researcher as it allows us to search Google search suggestions in more complex ways than any of the free tools (those are also listed below).


What is a Search Suggestion

When you type in a search query in to Google they attempt to predict what you are going to ask and offer you suggested for a complete search term based upon what you have already typed.

So if we start to type in ‘senuke’ it will show us ‘senuke bonus’ ‘senuke 2015’ ‘senuke review’ and so on. If we then type in the letter ‘a’ so we have ‘senuke a’ it changes and offers us ‘senuke affiliate program’ ‘senuke alternative’ and so on.

What the basic free suggest scrapers will do is put in:

senuke a
senuke b
senuke c
senuke d

Each time copying the suggestions given. What Keyword Researcher can do however is place the variable at any point in the phrase so for instance is can look for:

a senuke
b senuke
c senuke

So for instance ‘b senuke’ gives us ‘best senuke template’ which would be missed by most of the free search tools as they only search for ‘term+letter’. As you can see that instantly adds a lot more possibilities to the results… however…

We can go one step further because we can add the variable in to the middle too! So for instance we can give it the seed word ‘senuke * tutorial’ and it will spit out keywords like

senuke pdf tutorial
senuke xcr tutorial
senuke macro recorder tutorial

Again those would all be missed out by any of the other keyword research tools.

Get Complex Google Suggest Keyword Ideas

If you can’t afford Keyword Researcher right now here are some free tools that can copy a couple of its features, but not the more advanced search methods:

When you get the funds do invest in the proper tool for the job though.


Don’t Forget Bing!

Our primary goal is mostly to rank in Google, and so Google relevant terms are generally where we start. However there is nothing wrong with checking out Bing for keywords too, both so you might rank with them and of course you might find something that will generate Google traffic for you still.

As LongTail Platinum allows us to import 10,000 keywords at a time, so we might as well feed it a big list!


Looking Elsewhere

Yandex Keyword Statistics – Home of Russian search, but plenty of ideas in English. Why? This is an area many people forget, but it’s important to remember that most of the people online don’t speak English as their first language. Now in many countries Google is still king, however there are a few places where they at least have some competition, and that gives us a few places to look that perhaps others are not. Yandex is much bigger than many people think, and certainly not one of be overlooked completely when it comes to generating ideas.

SEMrush – Competitor Analysis tools like SEMrush will show you what keywords your competitors are ranking with, however just because they are ranking for it does not make it a keyword you definitely want. Scrape up their keywords and throw them in to your pot for further analysis. The free account will give you at least some data to get started with.


Your Own Traffic!

Sounds crazy, but this is overlooked by almost everybody! Look in your Google Analytics account and go to the ‘Traffic Sources’ menu and look up ‘ Search Engine Optimization’ > ‘Queries’ and you will see some of the keywords people are actually using to get to your site right now, often using phrases you would never think of. Now this is overlooked because it is stuff you already ranked for, but grab these keywords and research them in LongTail Pro if there are any that standout for high bids, high traffic or just look like great buying words you can go back an ensure your site is making the most of these keywords. Fine tune the page to help it up the SERPs a little higher and convert a little better. The fact of the matter is any prime words you find here are ones you are already at least partially ranking for!


Words To Avoid

There have been a number of videos and guides written to promote the recent LongTail Pro sale, but one thing many of them concentrated on were miss-spellings.

Be careful with these.

In the old days you could rank for a miss-spelling easily, but these days Google tends to know many of the common errors and will offer the user the correct version anyway.

For instance we could look what ‘apple i pad’ gives us an find it has a keyword competiveness score of ’45’ in LongTail Platinum, which although harder than we would normally be looking at it not insane. However Google knows full well that the correct search is ‘apple ipad’ and as such it will show you results for that phrase even if you search for the other.

Google 'apple i pad' Results

So if you find something too good to be true just pause… step back… and check it out properly.


Sometimes No Traffic Does Not Equal $0

One last word of warning is to no completly dismiss terms Google say have no traffic. As we have already mentioned Adwords is about Google making money from Pay Per Click advertising, so when a term has little to no traffic they are not making money. If you think a keyword looks good, and is something people might type in to a search (and if it game from search suggestions then it most certainly is) then there is no reason to no include it in your campaigns somewhere. There is a huge amount of money to be made from terms that have little to no real search volume, when you rank for thousands of terms all only getting 1-2 searches a month you are still able to get thousands of visitors. Now you do not want to be spending ages building SEO optimised pages for such terms, but you can use the methods we have here on Zont to grab these terms automatically with SEnuke.



There is a whole world of keyword data out there, most people only look as far as Google Adwords and plump for a few bad choices and thus there are rich pickings in almost any niche you can think of if you just look in a few extra places and think differently. By scraping Google Suggest, eyeing up Bing, seeing what ranks abroad and analysing keywords you already rank for you can easily get one step ahead of your competition.

You will perhaps understand a little better now why we like LongTail Platinum, being able to quickly analyse and sort all this data from all these different sources makes it a massive time saver!


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