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Increasing Your Domain Trust

Increasing Your Domain Trust

I read a good post over at SERPwoo during the week which gave details of a number of sites you can go and manually grab a link from, or create a decent tier 1 micro site on.

The main ephasis of the post was getting links from platforms that generate ‘trust’, these are typically sites that do no operate on a specific platform and thus are unique and generally spam free.

We have long pointed out that the best part of SEnuke are the none platform sites, in particular Article and Social Network nukes, however so many people just don’t use these right. A link from these sites can be easily worth 100 links from a regular platform site. However if you post low quality, or frequently used content like Article Builder, on these sites it will almost always be removed and you account deleted.

So along with your Nukes take a look at the list and work a few of them manually, anything that is social must be manual when it requires user engagement. A few networks, Pinterest for instance, you can semi automate but actual engagement with end users can only be done manually. That is of course why these sites generate trust in the first place!

I guarentee you there will be a few sites in the list that you have never heard of, and everything there has a domain authority of at least 70.

Read: 35 Sites Which Increase Your Domain’s Trust

While you are there checkout SERPwoo services too, it is easily one of the best trackers out these days. Unlike a normal tracker it does not track just your website but your keywords, so it tracks every single website in your niche. I have been using them for over a year now and currently track 1184 keywords with them, which is X0,000’s of websites.

There are very few other tools on the market that can do this, and it is so much more useful to track your niche than to simply track your website like most rank trackers do!


P.S. Regarding the old PageRank unfortunately we are still stuck with it in many ways as lots of SEO systems were built to use it, but be warned in reality it means pretty much nothing these days. In fact we wish Google would stop presenting the old page rank numbers and just knock everybody back down to 0 as the numbers it gives now often have no relevancy at all.

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