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Indexing Test Update

Indexing Test Update

I had expected to start showing some indexing test results by now but we have a problem.

No results.

I mean literally so far nothing has happened… the indexing levels range from 2-5% with the control slap bang in the middle of that showing that basically nothing been influenced at all yet.

Now we were expecting things to take there time, in fact we were thinking 4 weeks plus before real results start coming in but we were not expecting absolutely nothing to happen in the preceding weeks.

So what has gone wrong?

  • The index services don’t work – unlikely given we are using multiple services which work in different ways. We could understand if one service did not work, but all 3? Nah.
  • SEnuke did not submit them correctly – not possible as we even did one of the submit by hand rather than using SEnuke so we know 100% the links are there
  • ArticleBuilder no longer indexes – that is possible… we don’t normally use them for anything much these days and given the amount of abuse those articles have had it is quite possible they are over used now. We did however use one of the topics that gets less use and thus is less abused than most others. Doing a manual search for the titles does however reveal almost no copies of them indexed in the past year, the few that are indexed are either the ones we just did of a few from blog networks where perhaps the power of the blog was enough to overcome the low quality of the article.
  • Turbo Wizard not working – again this is possible because the turbo wizard just dumps a poor quality link in to the article. It is not in context and it is not even placed well. We don’t normally use the turbo wizard, for obvious reasons, and only used Article Builder and Turbo in this experiment as its quick and consistent.
  • Not enough time – it has been a month since the pages were first created, but the indexing has only been going on for 3 weeks and only ended 1.5 weeks ago… so it’s quite possible in a few weeks things will have changed.

I suspect it is a combination of the last 3 to be honest, so we will keep on tracking things and then perhaps retest using different content and not using the turbo wizard.

The index checking itself is a total pain, and has had to be spread over 2 days because Google bans the proxies so fast (plus scrapebox can’t unlock proxies with a captcha for the index check for some reason).

All in all it has not gone well so far… except results are still there despite all the above, for instance:


As you can see it has followed the usual pattern there of falling, dancing and then gaining. Normally by now we would be following things up with some high PR/DA links but in this case we have not bothered just so we can see where things go with just indexing.



  1. What would you use other than Article Builder for spun content?

    • I was wondering the same thing.

    • wow sorry I am no idea why I did not get an alert to your comment, will have to investigate that.

      Firstly remember we don’t spam Nuke here, so don’t need millions of bits of content.

      Tier 1 – knock out a quick article in a few minutes, buy a unique cheap article from the 1 cent a word people or use kontent machine. The last will be lower quality for sure, but does still index.

      Tier 2+ – Kontent Machine 3 or you could try running AB stuff through Word AI or Spin Rewriter.

      However this is, in general an area we need to have a good look at now because something has clearly gone wrong.

  2. I never built Tier 2 links LOL.

    I have been completely dominating my niche with just Tier 1 with AB with a ratio of 15.

    Tier 2 links actually help???

    I know there are a few keywords that are competitive and I am on the second page but needs a push.

    • If you are dominating then no need. You want to use the least amount of links to get what you want.

      For those other keywords you will probably find a little push by getting T1 links from another place or tweaking the on page SEO will be all you need.

      • What would you recommend for T1 links for that extra push?

  3. I quit using indexing services a few months back and noticed no difference, I was still ranking steadily…

    Something happened!

    I know you guys favor KM but I only have access to SEO Content Machine 3
    I’m running the scraped content through TBS and using contextual links (Binding too) but no dice this month.

    I too have noticed AB wasn’t working anymore even if I scraped and spun my own titles and used a 15 AB ratio.

    I’m not seeing any progress with my transition to SEO Content Machine either this month. Am I being impatient or should I stay away from SCM entirely?

    • I have not used that application for a long time now, so long I am not even sure why we went with KM2 (and then KM3) instead… my vague memories however are that it worked pretty much just as well. The problem with them all is that if you want very readable you don’t get unique… if you want unique you don’t get readable.

      Now a few points. It certainly used to be the saying that a link that is not indexed is worthless… I am not so sure about that anymore. My view is that a link that is not spidered is worthless, but as long as Google knows about it then it has some value (be that positive or negative of course). Why should Google be putting things like forum profiles in to its public search results? Would anybody ever really want to search for that? No. So I am somewhat of the opinion these days that we are not seeing so many things indexed these days, but its not that Google etc. does not know about them.

      That said we would still like to see our T1 indexed, and to do that generally speaking you need to be offering something of quality … that can either be something unique you write, or have written, or of course in many cases you can get away with spinning up your main sites content (make sure its indexed on your main site before you use it though!). I would not go so far as to use the automated content for T2 etc though… so thats where KM3 and AB would still come in. We have had some luck with AB for T2 and beyond use when employing their own inbuilt spinner on the articles, this is not currently supported directly by SEnuke XCr (but it is in SEnuke TNG…)

      You do however need to give everything time these days, not a huge point trying to force things through … if you see nothing within a couple of months then yes you might have some cause for concern, but not seeing much of a change in the first 3-4 weeks is pretty normal these days… gone are the days when you could see a change in 5 minutes, and yes there was a time when you could easily influence Google that quickly.

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