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Another Week – Indexing Still Failed?

Another Week – Indexing Still Failed?

If you don’t like to read the answer is ‘yes’. We are still running in the 2-5% indexing levels for everything, yes even the control. So basically we are still at a point where nothing has had any impact at all.

Now we could break it all down and see if the T1 SN have indexed for instance and see if there is any pattern to what has indexed, but ultimately we have to acknowledge that things have failed.

I think the first thing we need to do is repeat the process using different content, and in fact I will also run a repeat using more AB content from another category just in case that was the issue. We have a load of articles from AB which have been run through Word AI bulk spinner so we can have a look at those too. For now we will make these simple Nukes, once we have ensured we have a working setup we will do a proper test again.

You may ask why we use AB in the tests, it was simply to keep things uniform in quality and style. If we use Kontent Machine it is hard to say for sure that each campaign will get the same quality of content, and we can’t use the same content for each one as there is a time delay between creations so the first one would have an advantage over the last. The whole point was to try and keep things as neutral as possible so we could better compare the indexing services, if we just test regular Nukes that we do it is a much less fair comparison. Unless we test hundreds that is, but with the way Google bans IPs for index checking these days that is not an option anymore either.

Now despite the lack of indexing we have still seen results, including some new updates this week. Remember we removed all the sites that naturally indexed before submitting to the services, so our actual index levels are higher than 2-5% despite this tests failure.

The keyword we showed last time has not moved any more:



For a single small Nuke that’s a respectable increase and it has stuck nicely, as we said last time normally we would be pushing that a little more now to get it to top 10.

However we have seen a new entry in to the SERPs for another term, in this case the page that was Nuked did not move at all but out of the blue the root domain has ranked in at No3:




We will finalise exactly what we plan to do on the retest and let you know accordingly.



  1. No TNG after almost a year, wondering if it is the end of Senuke.

    • More than a year already, though it was an error that it was ever mentioned by Joe in the first place (when he mentioned it we had only talked about it for the first time a few days earlier).

      While I have little input on it at this stage I do see the tickets and progress on it… I can hand on heart say that multiple people are working on it and progress is being made.

  2. This indexing test post update was from Sept 6th. As it’s now October, it would be very interesting indeed to know what is happening re. the Indexing Test.

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