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Setting Up SEnuke TNG

Whether you just got a brand spanking new copy of SEnuke TNG or you have had it for years it is worth making sure it is setup correctly. Here I am going to give you the configuration I use, as well as explain other optional changes you may like to consider.


SEnuke TNG General Options




  • Retry failed submission:1 – Starting right away with a controversial choice, but in my experience generally if SEnuke fails and then fails again it will more than likely fail the next time too. It is important to have 1 retry though because there are times when SEnuke thinks it has failed but actually when it tries again is sees it did not really fail and thus only then marks the account as created. Yes you will get a few more accounts using a higher number but nothing worth writting home about.
  • Maximum time for each project: 3 hours – This is simply there to stop a stalled project from halting SEnuke from carrying on with other tasks. I have never had that occur, but setting this number too low would result in a project being cancelled before its complete. Leaving it at 3 hours is thus a sensible option.
  • Maximum number of threads: 10 – A modern PC and internet would copy with 30,40 probably 50 threads without issue (actually they would probably work with more but 50 is the limit). However you need to consider the actual need for this. My SEnuke is on a server thats on 24/7 as such total speed if of no real importance to me, 10 threads running 24/7 is far more than I ever need. I personally like to setup SEnuke to run as slow as I can get it yet still complete my daily tasks. For most of you 10 will probably be too low, in particular if you are running this on your home PC. So experiment a little here and work out whats best for you.
  • Submitter initial number of browsers: 6 – Again most people will think this is low, but actually in this case we have more reasons to keep the number low than above. When you run more threads you increase the chances of something going wrong, when things go wrong SEnuke restarts your browser and moves on. Thus by having more browsers running can drastically reduce your success. The vast majority of SEnuke does not use the submitter browser anymore, but the custom sites and a few others here and there do.
  • Submission Window Max Timeout: 2 min – This defines how long the submit window will sit waiting for a response before giving up and either trying again or moving on to the next site. It is important to give sites enough time to respond, though you could argue any site that does not respond within a minute is unlikely to work. If time is an issue reducing this down to 1 might help at the expense of a few sites.
  • Default emails verifications wait: 8 min – The default of this is 2 minutes, way to short. The majority of people increase this to 5 minutes, and that’s a good thing to do. Longer is however better, if you are not pushed for time set this to a higher number.
  • Check for updates every: 60 min – Not generally an important option, once an hour is more than enough.
  • Auto remove sites with success rate below XXX: I personally have this set at 40%, this is completely up to you although you will find between 40 & 60% a good number to stick around.

General Configuration Settings

  • Disable popup notifications when minimized: Ticked – If you are new to SEnuke then you may want to untick this, but if you are used to SEnuke or are running it on your home PC more than likely you don’t care for these messages.
  • Disable solution center: Ticked – Again if you are new to SEnuke you should probably untick this box, it will give you some advice about any problems you have. However after a few weeks I am pretty sure you will want to disable it.
  • Disable audio: Ticked – As I run on a server audio is of no use, I have it turned off as its just an extra thing to go wrong.
  • Disable Window/MessageBox closing: Unticked – It can be very annoying when SEnuke closes your open windows BUT this is something it needs to do in order to work properly. If it is closing something you really don’t want it to then you can add an exception for that program. However best to leave the option unticked if possible.
  • Auto-hide browser after submission: Ticked – leaves your desktop nice an neat
  • Allow SEnuke auto-delete inactive accounts: Ticked – The theory here is that accounts that don’t work get deleted so SEnuke does not waste time trying to use them in the future.
  • Allow submission without links: Ticked – If you are using our templates you absolutely must have this option set. The ability to post without links for the Social Networks is fundamental to the success of several of our strategies. The only reason this is here is it stops SEnuke newbies from creating a campaign which has no links in it, and thus would normally be useless. However to us this hand holding a little too far.
  • Delete to recycle bin: Ticked – Makes no difference really, selecting yes gives you some additional ‘backup’, although with the database backup set correctly there is no real need.

Startup & Updating

  • Download Beta Releases: Unticked – Trust me you don’t want these. They sound exciting but they are not, and can easily mess up your Nuking. You want the most stable version of Nuke there is, and that’s the release version. I should also point out that now and then SENuke does have a ‘beta program’ for new features but those will not be delivered by selecting this option those beta programs are done on a private basis. So please leave this one alone.
  • Update Automatically even if unattended: Ticked – You always want the latest stable release and this is one way to ensure you have it, SEnuke will check automatically if it is the latest version or not. I have however found the ‘even if unattended’ bit rarely works properly so if you are running it on a remote server do check everything is up to date from time to time.
  • Disable Update Notification Popup – show update link on main forum: Unticked – This will be greyed out if you have selected ‘yes’ above.
  • Start SEnuke On Windows logon: Ticked – When I have SEnuke on a home PC I prefer this to be set to ‘No’, but if you have a server you will want this set to Yes.
  • Start minimized to System tray: Ticked – Just keeps things tidying by hiding Nuke where possible.
  • Automatic Sign In: Ticked – I always have this set to Yes, and I see no reason to not use auto sign in otherwise in event of crash / restart it will not run.
  • Do Not use complession when exporting to file: Unticked – Only select this if SEnuke support tells you to.
  • SEO Moz API Account Setup: This free API key from Moz will allow SEnuke TNG to draw off DA (Domain Authority) from Mozscape. As you are probably well aware Google Page Rank (PR) is dead (as far as publically viewable is concerned) and Moz’s DA is the single best indicator of a domains strength past this. The Video below will show you how to sign up for yor free api key. GET YOUR FREE MOZ API KEY HERE


Generally speaking you don’t need proxies for SEnuke, however there are some exceptions. SEnuke TNG now has built in proxies which can be just fine for those running sporadic campaigns. However if you are, or are planning on being a heavy duty nuker then there is no doubt about it you will need to invest in proxies. It is recommended you go through our ‘Proxy‘ section to get a better understanding about when you may want to use them, and also the difference between proxies and VPN.

If you do use a proxy then make sure the ‘Disable proxy when you close SEnuke’ option it ticked.

Squid ProxiesWhile the official recommendation from SEnuke is to use either “Blazing Proxies” or “My Private Proxies” neither Pobman or Myself would agree with this at the moment. It is true that you may get proxies slightly cheaper from some of those providers, but with Squid Proxies we have a proven track record of success using them to work with SEnuke. The best part is that if you have problems you simply drop them an email and they will swap them out for you. There are few other providers which will offer this kind of service.



We cover captcha solving in great detail, including all your options, in our Captcha Section, so I will only cover the basics again here.

Unless you are doing some testing you should have ‘Enable Auto-Captcha solving’ ticked. Always. Using SEnuke without this is generally pointless. Even if you want to do a run through SEnuke for only sites with no captcha you need to have this ticked, as explained in our captcha section.

SEnuke TNG now has its own OCR Captcha Solving system in place which will help you save a great deal of money when it comes to captcha solving. However, it is not perfect and we always back it up with a paid for service. Which service you use is up to you, personally Pobman and I have DeathByCaptcha and ImageTyperz accounts 99% of the time. ImageTyperz took a bit of a hammering when XCr came out but their service levels are back OK again these days. It is well worth having more than one account though.

As for Captcha Sniper… well honestly unless you already have it I would not bother with it for SEnuke. Its OK for some other programs but you will find its solving at best 3-5% of Captcha in SEnuke and resulting in more delays and issues than its worth. This is not an issue with Captcha Sniper rather its the amount of re-Captcha that SEnuke sites use that stops it being useful.


Resume On Error

Leave this alone. No really leave it… move on… nothing to see here. Unless SEnuke support team tell you to change things then this menu is has nothing you want to be changing.


Mail Server Settings

Unless you are using your own email system the top part of this is of no importance. You can use this to configure your own ‘catch all’ system, but honestly while Hotmail and other free accounts still work so well it’s not really worth your bother.

Email Account Creation Option

  • Prevent emails from going to spam: Ticked – I can proudly say this method was put forward as a feature request by myself in the original SEnuke X beta. All it does is create a rule that states any email containing an ‘@’ should be treated as not spam. This is important as when downloading emails SEnuke will not have access to anything in the spam folder, thus keep this ticked.
  • Disable proxy when creating hotmail and yahoo email account: Ticked – If you are using proxies or a VPN there is a chance the IP has been banned and thus can’t create an email address. I have never actually experienced this, and as I don’t use proxies 99% of the time I doubt I ever will. However others have reported this problem so it’s worth keeping it ticked.
  • Run Email verification X times: 2 – This has two purposes, firstly it will give a second check for any sites that are slow at sending you a login confirmation, secondly some sites have a two state email verification process. It is highly recomended that you don’t reduce this number. Increasing it is also unlikely to result in any major increases in site account creation, though it would only increase account creation time by a short amount. Certainly don’t going changing this to 10 or anything crazy!



Generally you don’t need to be in here, but this section has its uses. You can use this to restore a Campaign that you accidentally deleted for instance. If you have the disk space it could be worth your time setting the ‘Delete backups older than X’ to a couple of days longer than your longest campaigns, typically 14 days. Personally though leaving it as default is more than enough for most people. SEnuke will auto compress your database so there is normally no need to use that option, only if you have had a problem with SEnuke running slowly and you have made a lot of deletions might you need that.

For the most part skip on past this tab until you need it.



The most important and misunderstood option in SEnuke. Leave this at 1. Yes one.. Une, unus, uni, uma, eins, ena, один (hope that’s got most of you covered!).

The confusion here comes because people believe this is the number of campaigns that can be run in total, but it’s actyally not the case. If we leave this at 1 and have 3 campaigns setup in the scheduler SEnuke will:

  1. Look at campaign A, see what needs to be run and run it for the day
  2. Once complete for the day it will look at campaign B and run it for the day
  3. Once complete for the day it will look at campaign C and run it for the day
  4. Once complete it will wait for until the next instance of a campaign needs to be run, probably the next day, and start again

So it is running mutliple campaigns but they are one by one. If you set this option to 2 it could try and run A&B at the same time, and it’s really not designed to work that way. In most cases it will work OK, if it is doing say bookmarks in campaign A and Social Network in B there there will be no problems. However IF by chance it ends up doing two of the same things at the same time then problems can start.

As you are more than likely bandwidth limited anyway there is no speed increase from changing this number, only a number of problems increase!

Leave it at 1.



  • General Settings – Add in your keywords here so that they are never changed by the spinner, you can add these while setting up in the wizard instead if you prefer though.
  • Auto-spin article title: Ticked – However be aware SEnuke does not do the best job at this, and titles are VERY important. We have a whole section about titles in SEnuke that you should go through.
  • Senuke XCr Free Spinner Service – Allows you to control the frequency of the changes. I have it set to default, but if you want higher quality set the frequency lower. Equally to improve quality change the ‘Word Quality’ to ‘Better’ or ‘Best’

If you want to know more about using the SEnuke spinner we have a section on that too.

The Best Spinner

The inbuilt spinner in SEnuke is OK, but The Best Spinner is one of the tools every Internet Marketer should have. You enter your details for TBS here, and configure how you want it. I have it set to 3 synonyms and ‘middle’ option for Replacement Quality.

Spinning is a big part of SEnuke, but one that is mostly misunderstood. We have 8 tutorials on this topic and it is well worth your time going through them to understand different spinning techniques and what uniqueness is really all about.


Article Builder

Ever since SEnuke XCr was launched the integration of Article Builder has been one of the easiest ways for people to get content for their campaigns. For those whose niche is covered it’s an absolute no-brainer, especially if you do a lot of nuking. The amount of time it will save you compared to its costs is amazing. One use for Article Builder that is generally not known about is using it to create bookmarks, these does use up some credits but the end results are well worth the minimal costs.

Article Builder - Automatic Content for SEnuke

It is highly recommended that you go and take a look at their list of niches, on the sales page, and if yours is covered (or anything close) you give it a go. You will not get content this cheaply pre-spun anywhere else.

The only option here is the Number of Articles to Spin, the sweet spot for article uniqueness is around 10. If you are using one of our larger templates you will need to either set this number down from its default 15 OR purchase the extra Article Builder credits, see you AB account for details. Getting some extra credits is well worth it anyway, they work as a buffer in case you ever use your normal ones up. The highest value you can set here is 40, that can easily use all your credits up in one go through, it is suggested that you buy some bonus credits for AB so that on the days when you need say 401 credits you can still run without issues.

The only downside to AB are the titles get repeated too often, you can use our method of better title creation to resolve this.

If you want to get a better understanding of Article Builder go through our free Content Creation section.

Update: We did a full test in to SEnuke content, and Article Builder was easily the best value. Read More.


Ultra Spinnable Articles

This section is actually for The Leading Articles, though they seem to be just as well known as Ultra Spinnable Articles. Much like Article Builder above these are pre-spun articles, the spin level here is actually slightly better but the selection of topics is much lower. I know for a fact these articles will index, I have used them on my own blog network for years now. They also have available something they call a MTUSP, which allows you to insert your links directly in to the text of articles. Here at Zont SEO we call then Ultra Spun Generic Text, and we do have section on making your own ones of those in the Spinning section of the site.

To integrate SEnuke with The Leading Articles you will need to create an API key on their site. I personally don’t like the ‘Minis’ so I have those deactivated in the SEnuke options menu, The minis are a much more basic level of spin compared to the Premium articles.

Kontent Machine

This is probably one element which we have been pushing very hard to get integrated into SEnuke and finally with the launch of SEnuke TNG it has finally been integrated. Kontent Machine is a fantastic piece of software which enables you to create thoroughly spun articles to a quality level that you pre-set. My using our link you can also get 40% off of a license. The only caveat to this is that you have 24hrs to act on the reduced price from first vieiwing it, after this it will disappear. Pobman has created an in-depth guide to using Kontent Machine.


You can install up to 3 instance of SEnuke, something not everybody knows. So you can have SEnuke on your home PC, laptop and server and still be within your license terms. If you try and use a fourth license you will get an error message, and will need to ‘deauthorize’ one computer using this menu. If you no longer have access to the computer in question just deauthorize all computers, then login using the ones you want to use SEnuke on and they will auto authorize. If somehow you lock yourself out of your SEnuke accounts completely just pop in a ticket at and they will help you out ASAP.



Of less interest to those who run on a local PC, but if you have a server install (or you like going away on holiday and leaving SEnuke running) this can be very useful:


A bit of personal prefernce comes in to play here.

Send me email for important notifications: Ticked – This way you get to know about problems even when you are not near the computer, be sure to put in a valid email address to the right.

Notifcations to Send:

  • Low Captcha: $20 – That might seem high but it can sometimes take longer than you expect to load money on to your account. Typically once you get the warning it will take you some time to get to the PC to order them, and then it may take 24 hours for the balance to be approved. Don’t run the risk of not having a captcha balance by setting this low.
  • Database Corruption detected: Ticked – You will want to get this sorted ASAP
  • Bad Proxy: Depends – This kind of depends on the proxies you are using. If you have public ones then you will want this off, because there are so many bad ones out there. Of course you really should never ever use public proxies. If you have private ones then they should never be bad, so it’s worth getting a warning if for some reason they do go wrong.
  • Corupt XML File: Untick – this of course depends what XML file is corrupted, though more than likely it can wait. Not an error I have ever seen though.
  • SEnuke update available: Untick – this can be useful if you don’t have the auto checks in place that we talked about earlier. However given how often SEnuke updates you will be either using the auto function or checking in yourself to update it regularly enough anyway.
  • Close notification popups in 5 seconds: Ticked – Keeps things tidy


Additional Setup Options

  • If you are running on a server, or any future OS that has a protected mode browser, you will also need to make some changes to IE ESC otherwise parts of SEnuke will not work properly.
  • Use an Antivirus package. Your computer will be visiting a lot of different sites, and there is always the chance of something being compromised. It is no longer wise to put your faith in Microsoft Security Essentials. If you want something free I personally use Avira on the desktop and ClamWin on the server (there are not many free options for Servers and ClamWin can cope with Xrumer unlike many commercial AV packages).

As always if you have any questions about these settings do ask on the forum.


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