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Ten SEnuke XCr Templates

Ten SEnuke XCr Templates

When you open up your copy of SEnuke XCr you will find a load of new included templates. You do not need to download these templates from us, they are all distributed with every copy of SEnuke XCr. Now don’t worry all the old templates will still work, but you may like to take advantage of the new XCr features and get to work with the new ones right away.

You should find a number of the templates start with ‘ZontSEO’, as you may be able to guess those are ones made by us. So lets cover the ‘why’ and ‘what’ about each of them.

Firstly the symbols:

  • AD = Article Directory
  • Indexer = If I really need to tell you this one please refund SEnuke now! 🙂
  • FP = Forum Profile
  • PDF = PDF
  • GP = Well nothing as currently there is no Google Places in the Wizard
  • Ping = Pinger
  • PR =Press Release
  • MS = Moneysite
  • RSS = RSS Syndicator
  • SB = Social Bookmark
  • SN = Social Network
  • Toolbox = Yep… Toolbox
  • Web2/W2 = Web 2.0 Profiles
  • WK/Wiki = Wiki
  • WP = WordPress

We try our best to be consistent with naming, it makes life easier when you are working with editing campaigns.

Next the tiers, anything linked directly to the MS is a T1, those linking to the T1 are a T2. We do not count the TB as a tier.

Then where there are brackets that is what the Tier is linking to. So for example from ‘The Full Monty V4’ we have “T2 Wiki (T1 SN)”. This project is a Tier2 Wiki and it is linking to the Tier1 Social Network project.

OK so now you understand the names, what about the Templates themselves? Well please note this post was written while these templates were still being worked on, so there may well be small variations in the design of the final versions you get in your SEnuke folder.

As a guide the number of profiles and days to run each template is listed below the diagrams, you can always go for longer periods or more profiles, but generally longer results in failures and more profiles costs more money than you need (increased Captcha costs etc).

The Full Monty V4

The No1 template from SEnuke and SEnuke X is back, but this time its bigger and better than ever. This one really is a big template, and I am not 100% sure Areeb will even include it, if not I will upload it here. This is the absolute perfect template for using the automated content with that we talked about yesterday, trust me you don’t want to be filling this one in by hand!

The latest version of the Full Monty, insane backlinking

Profiles 2-3 (2 if 1 link per profile, 3 if more), Time 7-14 Days

So what are we doing with this template? Well the basic idea behind a Full Monty is always to use everything, the clue is in the name. You may however notice the Press Release module is not included, and unlike the original Full Monty there are no forum profiles hitting the MS. Instead we are powering up the MS with all the best quality links from SEnuke XCr, and then powering those links up with profiles and more projects. This is a pretty major Nuke, and not something you want to be doing on every page of your site.

You will see the Toolbox has been used a few times, something we have never done before. The new Toolbox includes a feature to check your links, so the T2 will now only be posting to T1 pages that have not been deleted. This does result in a need to change the way we have used the chaining methods in the past, though you can get around that by doing multiple toolbox projects it all becomes messy then.

You will see on the far right there is the new WordPress project, you will have to add your own WordPress sites for this to work, if you have no wordpress sites included then SEnuke will just skip this entire section. We have no toolbox on the WordPress sites because I would assume you have control over them and thus they will all be ‘approved’ and have links on them, if you don’t own them how are you posting to them!

We are not linking too much in to the WordPress sites, as you own these sites we want to take care of them, and because they should be quality sites the theory is they will rank themselves pretty well.


The Full Monty (Single Profile Edition)

Don’t have automated content creation or want to use less captcha? Easy, run this new lighter, slimmer version of the Full Monty that only needs one single set of account profiles:

Lower your captcha costs with this single profile version of The Full Monty

Profiles: 1 Time to Run 5-10 days (This is only slightly smaller the the normal Full Monty V4 so run longer if you want)

You can see we have had to scale things back a little, but the heart of the Full Monty V4 is still included here, you just need a lot less content to run it! Now because we are only using one set of account profiles here it is important that you set the ‘links per profile’ for FP and Web2 to 1. If you leave it at the default 3 you will probably overflow on many accounts.

Update: The released version includes WordPress project and one less Toolbox.


Social Wiki Mix

One of my favourite launch templates, because I always like simple designs that link in to each other. Just like the template above you can run this with 1 Account profile if you wish, though you can also use 2 if you are flush for captchas.

Our two favourite SEnuke XCr projects in one template

Profiles 1 Time 5-7 days. Be aware not to set links per forum/web profile too high. Default is 3, lowering to 1 is advised.

Simplicity is the key here, but except a more complex variation of this theme to be given out to members only very soon. We were not able to give away complex templates with SEnuke simply because they require explanations and there would be no way for us to do that (not ever Nuker visits us… strange I know!).

Here you will see the use of double toolbox, why? Well the first toolbox is there to ensure that what gets sent to bookmarking are only valid links. A few days later we are running Web2 on these links too and we want to check them again just to make sure none have been deleted since we first checked. Generally speaking I have avoided doing this, you will not see it in the Full Monty templates, but as you can see it does have it uses.


 PDF Backup

The new PDF module is certainly an interesting one, it has not full endeared itself to me yet but its early days. I will be honest I am not 100% sure quite how these links are treated by Google et al, however one thing is for sure they are adding a variety in to the links we get from SEnuke. PDF backup does a number of simple SEnuke projects and then creates a ‘PDF copy’ of those nukes. The idea being you use the same article for the main project and its corresponding PDF project. That is not essential of course, but that was the premise behind the ‘backup’ name.

PDF your Nukes with the PDF Backup template

 Profiles: 1 Time: 1-3 Days

All For One & One For All

I promise you anybody who lived through the 80’s is now humming the Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds theme tune…

Un pour tous, tous pour un!

Profiles: 1 Time: 1 – 4 Days

The idea here is simple, and explains the name. We have one of everything and they are all pointing at one place. Well OK we are missing forum profiles, and that is because:

  1. It would destroy the symmetry of the design, which anybody who has seen how long I spend making lines straight will know is important
  2. I don’t 1000 SEnuke newbies to be forum profiling their moneysites without knowing what they are doing

You run this with one set of account profiles and over a short(ish) period of time. Heck if your site can take the links you could run it in a day as there is no multi tiering. This just make maximum links from maximum sources to one place.


My Blog Network Poster

Have a look in your templates folder and I know you will not find this one, because I did not submit it for inclusion. This template creates a campaign that you can reuse, and that requires explanation.

Posting to your own WordPress sites with XCr

What you will be doing with this template is creating your first post from your WordPress blogs to your moneysite, these posts are then PDF’ed, bookmarked and indexed. You will then simple reset the schedule, pop in your new article to the WordPress project and run it again when you want. That will then make your second post and again PDF, bookmark and index it. Simple. There will be a download and video for this template before the weekend is over.

Have I Got News For You

Got something important to say on your site, well that needs a press release… and a bookmark… and a Wiki… and a Social Network… and power that all up with profiles, articles and your own WordPress sites. Yeah that should just about do it.

Important news needs and important template.

Profiles: 1 Time: 3-5 days

SEnuke Underground

Yeah we hacked in and stole the No1 template from SEnukeUnderground just for you guys. Unfortunately we were not allowed to include it, but it’s fairly easy to copy:

The ultimate underground template

Profiles: 0 Time: Forever!

OK..ok… that one is not real, well I don’t think it is. If anybody is an SEU member and see’s this template there let me know.


The Cabalis XCr

The original version of this was created by NukerBryce who still does the IM support for SEnuke (though I don’t think anybody knows that anymore). I asked him if we could update the template for XCr and he said ‘yes’… so here it is:

The Cabalis template for SEnuke XCr

Profiles:1 Time 4-7 days

We did not add anything new other than the new link checking toolbox, other than that we just tidied it all up a bit. The Cabalis is heavy on RSS so quite different to most templates out there.

Double Sided Mirror

The only template we put in so far that has groups (A&B). You don’t have to concern yourself with these if you just want to run the template, it will run fine. Groups are there for those of you who like to use account control, as we do in many of our monthly premium templates. Account control gives youstrict control over the entire link pattern. Without control you will never be quite sure what pattern will be produced when you run a template with more than one account profile, this is because of how SEnuke uses accounts randomly. Generally speaking this is a good thing, 10,000 people can run the same template and they will all produce different interlinked patterns.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has the best website of them all?

Profiles 1 (or 2 if you do advanced account grouping, video for that soon) Time 7 days+

More SEnuke XCr Templates?

Well as you can see we probably already have more XCr templates than anybody else, and you will have most of them already! Premium templates will continue to be given out to out members, and they will as always be doing their best to break SEnuke 🙂

If you want access to our private templates then head on to the subscriptions page and get instant access.





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