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And The Winner Of Best Content Is…

And The Winner Of Best Content Is…

Last month we started off a little experiment with regards to the best content for SEnuke.

OK it was pretty much a forgone conclusion who the winner was going to be when it came to total success rates, there is no way under any circumstances that your own properly written content is going to be beaten by commercially available spun content. What is important though is the margin of victory, because we must remember our own content takes considerably more time to create in the first place than just pressing a button and grabbing something from Article Builder.

One thing I must say is we are talking about stick rates and indexing here, we are not talking about ranking at all. Indexing and ranking are totally different beasts, we can index most things but does that mean we can rank them? Nope.

Copyscape failed content is fine for SEnuke, for backlinking with, but generally speaking it is not fine for your moneysites. So do not take the results of our little test and apply them to sites you want to rank!

You Must Login To See The Full Result Table

What can we take from this?

Firstly we see Xindexer will index just about anything at about the same rates when it comes to actual pages with content, generally speaking we are looking at about 60% for Social Network sites. There is however quite a wide margin between using your own content and pre-created, but the pre-created stuff is so much easier and cheaper to get hold of that we could just do twice as many Nukes with it and come out ahead with more links that we would have had using our own stuff. Of course then the argument is you can do 2 Nukes with your own content too, but you get the point.

Leading Articles did have a better stick rate, and if we normalised the indexing to say 60% then the total success field would be greater:

However it’s not exactly a game changer, in fact I would stick with whichever one fits your niche better. If you are primarily an Article Builder content user consider throwing in the odd Leading Articles bit of content now and then, but don’t be overly concerned about changing.

Also I would not consider the Kontent Machine results too bad, we have to remember that these are run through an Autospin and are mashed up from other articles much the same as the SEnuke Low Quality content is. I suspect had we not spun things then it would actually have scored better, the stick rate would almost certainly have been higher as the readability would have been better.

When we came in to this experiment we really thought Leading Articles would be the general winner, mainly because of the complexity of their spins. However from a time and price point of view I am a little surprised to say that Article Builder is really the winner. Running with a 20 variation setting you get 20 Articles a day from Article Builder for <$1/day.

Those numbers are really hard to beat.

In fact they are pretty much impossible.




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One Comment

  1. We got asked on support two questions:

    1)Why our stick rate for an article we wrote was not 100%. That is simply because some of the sites we will have posted it to are not related to the article. While we do our best to match sites by using sensible categories we do also generally add in the category ‘news’ because that does cover you with a lot of sites. However clearly when a site is about ‘Monster Trucks’ or something specific then an article about SEO is going to get deleted once a moderator takes a look at it.

    2)Why was the stick rate higher for Leading Articles. I can only guess but one thing you get with Leading Articles is the article itself visually looks very different each time you spin it. While an Article Builder one pretty much sticks to a similar look. Given the number of people using AB with SEnuke its possible some admins can see such content just by glancing at the layout and a very quick read and then delete it. Or the sites may be testing against copyscape, AB generally gets a worse score on copyscape than Leading Articles, but again thats more down to the amount of use AB has compared to Leading Articles.

    At the end of the day though the differences were quite small, and we must consider AB while a higher upfront cost does work out cheaper over the whole year.

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