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Everyday Indexing of SEnuke Campaigns

Everyday Indexing of SEnuke Campaigns

Those of you not on our email list will probably not know that for the past month and a bit we have been running another indexing test, this time using entire SEnuke campaigns rather than specific links types.

We wanted to see how various services would work when it came to indexing a campaign run the way an average user would run it. Now seven weeks after we started we have reached the point where all indexing services have been completed for at least one whole week and thus we have some meaningful, though not yet complete, results for you to see.

Generally indexing has been lower than expected, the highest we hit so far was just 22.04%, however link retention has been good at 62.05% live links after 7 weeks. Most links were lost in the first 2 weeks, those will have been from manual reviews, and since then we have only lost a small number of links which is most likely for sites become dead rather than administrator actions.

Next week we will start taking a look at the individual projects within the campaigns and seeing how they have indexed, i.e. are certain project indexing at a higher rate than others. We also need to setup some testing with regards to the content that we used, there is a lurking suspicion that our content course is the reason for the lower indexing levels in this test… it is the content source most of you are using right now so it is important to establish if that is a contributing factor.

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Please note the October template is also up for those who are subscribers.


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