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Penguin 3 Confirmed – Punishing The Spam

Penguin 3 Confirmed – Punishing The Spam

This is the first major update in over a year, the last one was October 4th 2013, so it has been a long time coming and if you started in this game in the past year welcome to your first panic! Some of you will of course be rejoicing, as a Penguin refresh brings with it removed penalties as well as new ones, though you don’t tend to hear from the winners quite as much which is why they are generally associated with doom and gloom.

Lets get one thing clear before we start:

  • Panda: is mainly about your sites content
  • Penguin: is mainly about your sites links

If you have been busy spamming away with the likes of GSA then you may well have waved goodbye to your rankings over the past weekend. To begin with don’t consider that a specific problem, it’s really just part of the game when you are using mass post programs and it will probably come to us all one day, it is a valid method to rank today and the expense of tomorrow if that it what you set out to do. Longterm that is of course not a winning strategy, you have to keep rinsing and repeating it.

Thankfully however our two favourites of small private blog networks and SEnuke have seen zero impact from Penguin 3, SEnuke keeps on going for specific reasons which we will get on to shortly.

Even if you were not hit directly you can get a secondary hit from Pengiun, if the sites you got your links from were hit then there is a small knock on effect that will hit your site. Combine this with other sites in the SERPs around you getting hit, getting knock-on hits, or even getting a slight boost, and you also see small changes in the SERPs too. If you site have moved up or down less than 50 places it was more than likely not a direct Penguin hit, and as such will be quite easy to recover from.

So what have been the likely causes of peoples downfall?

Platform sites – these are the generic sites that SEO tools like GSA and SEnuke can work with, you just need to give it the URL and it can post you a link there. The problem of course is 50,000 other people are posting a link there too.

So why have SEnuke users not seen the issues that GSA have? Well better diversity along with smaller and more controlled numbers is the likely reason, Nukers tend to run multi tiered campaigns spread over a smaller number of sites, many of which are non-platform and unique to SEnuke. Non-platform sites have to be specifically programmed in to the software and they take a lot of time and money to keep working because every time a site changes the SEnuke team have to update their code. People often ask why SEnuke has a monthly fee, well that is the main reason. Other packages don’t have the monthly income so don’t have the resources to keep these non platform sites working, and thus can’t post to them. This keeps our backlinks ratios good and our qualities higher we don’t have 100% platform sites we have a good overall mix.

Anchor Texts – People are still just promoting their lists of a few keywords over and over again. How many times does this one come up? OK if you have been running our methods I know you will not have been hit by this issue (see enhanced keyword lists & better titles method). Failing that if you need to use traditional keyword lists then you should be using our keyword density spinner, honestly the tools are all here and if you have been following everything the chances of getting hit full on by Penguin are slim. If you have been hit by penguin and you think this is the only reason then you can try linking some more, but don’t link with many (though not zero) keywords. Instead use the domain name, branded links and generics. However the chances of pulling it back up are slim.

I would add one thing here, generic links are in my opinion not natural themselves. At least not the way most people use them with huge lists of random terms that nobody would ever use as a link. Yes you would get some ‘Click Here’ links, but I still say working the enhanced keywords method above is better. Remember to combine your list with partial match keywords too using the same method, that is if your keyword has 3 words to it create a list using only 2 of those 3 words. You can expand it further by using synonyms of your words too, add all that together and it will be the best most undetectable keyword list you have ever seen.


Generally forget it. Unless things are different this a quick time recovery is just about impossible. Don’t waste time with quickly disavowing or appealing it will not get your anywhere. If you really want to recover then you can try cleaning up your backlink profile and then waiting for the next big refresh, which could be a whole year away … however there is a better way…

Start Again!

Yes get a new domain and start again. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket with just one URL either, work several. You can work several in the same niche too, there is nothing better than being your own competition. If you can have 3-4 sites in the SERPs for your niche your chances of long term survival are far higher. However do not work only one niche if at all possible, spread out with multiple sites over different niches (targeting different geographic areas of the world if you can). Even then do not rely on Google traffic for 100% of your income, if you do then really you are giving Google control over your life. There are other search engines, and other sources of traffic (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc).

Now you can actually do exactly the same thing that ranked you before all over again, yes you can ignore the words above and spam away on platform sites with poor anchor texts and you will be able to rank again until the next Penguin. Honestly these updates are as silly as that! However with a little bit of common sense and forward planning you can rank now, and not be impacted by the next update either.

Don’t totally give up on your old site, keep it going a year or two more at least as once you have done your slow gradual cleanup you never know what Penguin 4 or 5 might bring you. Years ago when we got hit on some sites which we Xrumered in 2009 we kept the sites going, and over the years most have come back. Even if you do nothing at all your backlink profile will slowly die out, then after a Penguin refresh your sites penalties will be gone anyway.








  1. Lets get one thing clear. Right now is one of the very best times in the whole year to rank something. Much of the main competition has been killed off, the SERPs are filled with pathetic sites with minimal backlinking which you can easily out rank.

    Any niche which has seen the top 10 disturbed by Penguin 3 is ripe for the picking at the moment…

  2. Interesting weekend ! I got hit on only one site which was all 2.0 sites linked. Think there’s still a settling down period to go yet so will wait and see

  3. I have been using Social adr and Senuke links and with that combination, my rankings are stronger than ever. My anchor texts always been varied with a combo of generic, exact, variation, url etc.

    So looks like Penguin 3.0 was a good thing overall 🙂

  4. I am told next SEnuke update will have about 50 new none platforms…. yeah…

    Many people have been having a good time as the mass platform spammers got kicked out again .. they will be back, but now is the time to get in and cement a decent ranking before they return.

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