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Cheap Backlink Building – Slashing Costs

Cheap Backlink Building – Slashing Costs

The job of keeping Zont’s Nuking servers up and running is one that has always been down to me, and I do enjoy to experiment and tweak them to maximize efficiency, it is important to consider efficiency rather than absolute success as the latter can come at huge costs.

Every now and then I like to pretty much throw away our entire setup and look at it completely fresh and see if there is something better we could do. Recently we have done just that.

With our current setup we are running at an our of pocked account creation cost average of $0.0002/account. On top of that we have some fixed one off costs, and some fixed monthly recurring. It is however the cheapest we have been building backlinks for a very long time.

This guide is for those not running our SEnuke Spetsnaz configuration, if you are using that then please visit the updated version of that guide.

For this you will need:

  • Captcha Breaker (Code zontseo10 for 10% off)
  • 2Captcha Account with some credit (we pay $0.50-1.00/1000 solves)
  • CaptchaTronix account cheapest package is fine- (light users can skip this)
  • ImageTyperz, ShaniBPO or DeathByCaptcha account
Since late August 2015 we have been only using Captcha Breaker and 2Captcha, no third party OCR like CaptchaTronix. Unless you do a huge amount of Nuking the added cost of a second OCR solution are not worth it, and the success and speed are both lower.
In 2Captcha ignore the ‘Start Work’ box. This is only for people who want to be paid for actually solving captcha, which is very low pay! We don’t want to do this, so just credit the account with a few dollars and ignore that option.

In addition it is useful to have:

Now all the above seems like a lot when put down in a list, but really its a couple of different captcha solvers and some proxies which are all things any IM’er needs these days anyway.


Setting Up

Configure Captcha Breaker

To configure properly launch Captcha Break with admin rights, then in the captcha list open up ‘Other’ and scroll down to ‘Recaptcha’ left click on it so the line turns blue then right click and select ‘Toggle use of CaptchaService’ until you see up/down arrows as in the picture below.


Now click ‘Options’ and make sure ‘Run As Webserver’ is ticked. Most people can leave the ‘Listen On’ section as it is, if you are using our Spetsnaz Configuration you may have changed them and if so just leave them as they are.

Now tick ‘Send captcha to the following service if solving failed’ and click ‘Add’ and put in your details for Captcha Tronix, if you are a very lite user then you can skip this. Click add again and put in your details for 2Captcha (this is just an API number you get from your account login). Lastly click add again and put in your ImageTyperz, ShaniBPO or DeathByCaptcha account.

It is vital to do them in that exact order!

Please remember to test each one, left click on the one you want to test and then select ‘Test’

Now tick ‘Only try to solve if success rate is at least’ and set the number to 40%. There is a bit of play in the numbers here, the higher you set this the more will get sent to your external solvers, the lower you set it and the more Captcha Breaker tries to solve.

Set the speed-accuracy slider to maximum accuracy and untick everything else except ‘Unknown Captchas – Use Captcha Service’

So when done it will look like this:


As mentioned above as of late August 2015 we are not using a 2nd OCR solution, i.e. no Captcha Tronix as shown in the above image, instead relying on 2Captcha.

The order under ‘Captcha System’ must be the same as above, you can’t reorder them so if your ones are wrong delete and start again.

If you need to run simulations of captcha services for any other tools you have that’s not a problem, just adjust your setup above accordingly.


Configure SEnuke

Open SEnuke Options and on the first page set your threads to 20 max. If you want to run more than 20 you will need to purchase a bigger account with Captcha Tronix.

  • 5 Solving Thread = 20 SEnuke Threads
  • 10 Solving Threads = 40 SEnuke Threads
  • 20 Solving Threads = 80 SEnuke Threads
  • 30 Solving Threads = 120 SEnuke Threads

While it is true with 20 threads things will take longer the success is higher, lost sites from any crashes lower, operating costs lower so all in all it works out better. If you are running out of time in the day though then yes increase that so get through your nukes faster.

Now go to the ‘Captcha’ tab and setup as follows:


For primary use Captcha Sniper and 4 attempts. Now I know that sounds confusing but trust me on this one, to work with Captcha Breaker you simply configure as we have done above and select ‘Captcha Sniper’ in SEnuke…

For the Backup service you can use ImageTypers, ShaniBPO or DeathByCaptcha whichever you prefer. It does not have to be the same one even you used in the CaptchaBreaker setup, however the advantages of using a different one are minimal. Only set this to 1 attempt.



Now this is liable to change, but login to you 2Captcha cabinet and you will see the following:

Here we can see that the lowest solving costs are between 08:00 and 23:00, which is 05:00 to 20:00 GMT. During this time the current captcha solving cost is $0.50/1000, compare that to DeathByCaptcha which is $1.39. During peak times the difference is still maintained, with 2Captcha currently running at $0.75 whilst DBC is $1.97.

So to keep your costs as low as possible schedule your projects to start after 5am GMT, preferably give them a little buffer time and start them a few hours after if possible.


Whats Going On & Why This Works

What Nuke will now do is have 4 attempts at solving the captcha with OCR/Human and then 1 more with human solver, the process is as follows:

  1. It will send the Captcha to Captcha Breaker and if it is a type within 40% success it will try and solve it itself. With 4 attempts at 40% we have a good change of it being solved.
  2. If Captcha Breaker does not know what sort of captcha it is, or it’s recaptcha, or the success is worse than 40% then it will send the captcha to Captcha Tronix to solve. If that service can come up with an answer, even if its a wrong one, it will be sent all the way back to SEnuke and submitted.
  3. If Captcha Tronix can’t solve this captcha type it will be send to 2Captcha so be solved by a person at at cost of $0.0005, the result will then be send to SEnuke for submitting
  4. If 2Captcha is down, or out of credit, then the captcha will be sent to your final solver. The answer then sent to SEnuke for submitting.
  5. If after 4 attempts of the above the correct Captcha has not been produced SEnuke will try 1 last time with your paid human solver

As you can see we have covered all the bases quite well here. We only have 1 last try because if the captcha has failed 4 times through our combined OCR/Human method then the chances are if it fails the human one once it’s going to fail again and again. This is where ‘efficiency’ comes in, we could keep trying this site over and over until we get it but we are throwing away more money than it’s worth.

By adding in these human solvers to Captcha Breaker we are increasing the total speed of backlink creation, and lowering the cost. This is because if it’s a captcha that OCR does not know then we don’t have to go through the process of failing at OCR 4 times before trying the human solver, we will try the human solver first time. This has the added benefit of putting less strain on your proxies. We also save money because when 2Captcha makes the solve we get it for less than half the price, sometimes a third of the cost, compared with the other human solvers.

All in all its the best setup we have used for a long time.




    • How odd… all seem to be working this end.
      I will ask Rudi to check them from his system too.

  2. Just checked the links here too and they all seem to be working Ok. Which links in particular are you having issues with?

  3. seem to be ok now lads so feel free to edit my posts .. cheers richard

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