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Optimizing Your Images For A Faster Site

Optimizing Your Images For A Faster Site

We have been making a lot of changes behind the scenes here at Zont, we have upgraded our Apache, SQL and PHP to newer versions, changed our DNS provider, moved some of our CDN content, mobile optmized the site and started working on the HTTPS version… some of you may have noticed at times a few things were not displaying correctly over the past few days, I managed to break the forum completely at once point, but everything should be working OK now. If you find something that looks wrong, other than a photo of Rudi as he always looks wrong, then please let us know on the helpdesk.

Anyway after doing all that I found that we have to reoptimize a number of the images on the site, which made me thing we have never really shown you how to do that.

So in the ‘How To…’ section I have added a new free guide:

How To Optimize Images for WordPress

I hope it is of some use to you all, shaving some image size can knock seconds off your website load speed. Sites that load faster tend to have a better customer stick rate, and thus a lower bounce rate… and we all know a lower bounce rate is a positive signal to the big G.



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