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The 2015 Indexing Services Test

The 2015 Indexing Services Test

It has, unbelievably, been a whole year now since we ran an indexing test… and a lot have things have changed in that time!

The most obvious of course is that there is no Xindexer anymore, but there are multiple other solutions built in to SEnuke. However other changes are the fact the methods of indexing used by many of the cheaper sites were restricted a few months back, and that Google is banning IPs so much faster this year.

The latter is proving to be a major pain in the backside for us. When we first started doing index checks back in 2011 our 200-300 premium proxies were able to index check 20-30,000 lists over and over without problem. By last year we were having to run a little slower and after 4-5,000 checks we would start getting IP blocks. This year we have to run the index checks ultra slow or every one of our proxies gets a temporary ban. It has made the whole process very tedious for sure!

Anyway from August 1st-3rd each day we ran a new index test template  for 4 sites over a 5 day period, so each site got 3 Nukes built each for a different but related keyword. Then on August 10th the lists were cleaned to remove dead links and then index checked. Any sites that were indexed already were then removed from the lists, our goal is only to see what the services offer us not what we can get anyway.

The links were then pushed through each service, then index checked every further 10 days. We will get a page up for the results once we have a few weeks worth of data.

Now every single time we have run a test Backlinks Indexer has won, we tried hard links, normal links, every day nukes . . . .  they have always come top.

Let’s see if 2015 brings us the same result… we expect this to take at least 4 weeks and probably to October.

As always our test is not endorsed or approved by any of the services, we purchased all the accounts except for ILI where a member allowed us to submit the links through their account.


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  1. Look forward to the results and thanks for doing this kind of things as every article you do I always learn something new and same money !!

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