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2Captcha Taking PayPal Again (sort of…)

2Captcha Taking PayPal Again (sort of…)

As a few of you know back at the end of Jan or early Feb our preferred captcha solver 2Captcha had their PayPal account frozen, they said because of the number of stolen accounts used to purchase through them. This gave many people a big problem, how to fund their accounts. Understandably most people were not keen on the alternatives which were mostly Russia solutions, and anybody who has ever tried to use WebMoney will know how complex a setup it is! Payza was a good choice, but they don’t accept Mastercard only VISA. Personally I went with Payeer and used Bitcoins, but I know that’s not an option for many of you.

Anyway I noticed today that they are now taking PayProGlobal, and one of the options for funding PayProGlobal is PayPal… yeah!

I have not put any money on way yet, and its likely there will be a small added fee, but the cost savings for captcha solves using 2Captcha compared with DeathByCaptcha will more than cover this. BTW when it comes to solving the new Google NoCaptcha DBC is 300-400% more expensive than 2Captcha… yes I know SEnuke XCr does not support NoCaptcha yet… that’s XCr does not . . . TNG??? Mmmmm 😉

2Captcha is not built in to SEnuke XCr yet so the best way to use it is following our simple guide. There is also another way, which I have not personally tested, taken directly from 2Captcha support:

(ref: FAQ Question 34)

Edit you hosts file:

In SEnuke add you username and password for your account in the DBC field.

I know our method works, but you are free to try the above one instead if you don’t have Captcha Breaker.

If you need help let us know.


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