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Pagerank is Dead… Again… At last!!!

Pagerank is Dead… Again… At last!!!

One of the few things that has annoyed me over the past few years is the continuation of people using Pagerank to justify the value of a domain/link, this is despite the fact that the publicly visible numbers have not been updated now for over 2 years and even then it was sporadic updating for years before.

Now Pagerank still exists, sort of, as an internal number that Google sees but quite what it represents we will never know. The system itself was pretty much doomed from the start, think about it a moment. Google publicly made available a single number than showed the ‘power’ of a domain to help rank other sites. It does not take much common sense to know that was going to be abused, and of course sure we here at Zont did our fair share of that! The problem from our point of view was that so many apps and services continued to rely on it well after it was dead, people were buying high PR domains for PBNs that were really worthless. We ourselves had to rely on it because others were forcing us too, want you domain in the Zont PBN well it has to have some PR, because that’s the system we were forced to use.

So what replaces it? Well in an exact way nothing replaces it, the Pagerank data came directly from source and now we are left only with 3rd party offerings. I suspect the one you will be seeing the most of are Domain/Page Authority from Moz. They have the advantage of being a well known name, a fairly large reach, and an API which can be used for free (within certain limitations, but for general use good enough). Just remember these are really nothing more than an educated guess though, they don’t really know how Google sees a site.

All your blog network apps, link builders/sellers and of course SEnuke will have to change so get used to it.

So next time you check your Pagerank and find its gone, don’t worry… in fact be glad!


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