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Going Loopy…Loopy…Loopy – Template

Going Loopy…Loopy…Loopy – Template

I will be honest I have gone a bit loopy this week, perhaps next week I will write about some of the chaos… but for now enjoy a nice ‘simple’ template that is designed for looping.

I have to say ‘simple’ because as it turns out once you start to repeat things it gets quite complex from a design point of view, exactly when everything runs and where it is actually linking too.

As such we have provided more instructons than usual on how to set it up.. BUT the good news is you don’t have to edit anything becuase its all done for you by TNG.

Don’t try running this on XCr… though if you do please let us know what it did, probably just crash.

BTW a common issue people are having with TNG is about links being the wrong keywords… well this is simply because of the option set in the Article Manager about how to place links… it is actually covered on page 19 of the manual if anybody read it!

Get: TNG Looping Template: EasyBlogger


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