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TNG Is Finally Here – Where To Start

TNG Is Finally Here – Where To Start

So it is finally here! SEnuke TNG has been released. While it may not look visually that much different to XCr the power is in the program behind the visuals. While we have been in close contact with SEnuke all the way through the development process the final product I have had to spend some time getting to grips with all the nitty gritty and work out how we can make sure that you can draw out the utmost power in your linking efforts through SEnuke TNG.

First of all we have been working to bring up to date the basic setup guides as a lot of the background options have changed. You can start by going through the basic SEnuke TNG Training and working through the tutorials from setting up the admin side of things before getting  involved into how to get the best quality links from the software.

What We Have Planned

Right now I am working on updating all of the training to work for SEnuke TNG and then after just a little more testing I will be releasing the first of our strategies designed specifically with TNG in mind. Of course you will also recieve new templates (our TNG test templates are currently running on their tests right now) and I will publish them as soon as they have completed successfully and I can check the results.

How TNG Will Affect You Most

Of all of the new features there are a few stand out items which will have the biggest impact on your nuking. I will list them here and further in depth training on how to get the best out of them will follow shortly.

  1. Built In OCR – This is something that many people have been desperate for a long time. Because of the complexity of captchas in this day and age you can end up spending a great deal of money on paid captcha services. With the SEnuke OCR it gives you the option to let the system try to solve your captchas first before going onto a paid captcha solving service. For those heavy duty nukers among you, you will certainly feel the ease on your wallet in a short period of time.
  2. Crowd Search – This is a real diamond amongst the rough. Now Google uses over 200 ranking factors to decide upon who gets to the top of the SERPS we all know that click through rate and bounce rate are high amongst the factors. With the crowd search module it will help you to bring your click through rate right up as well as lower your bounce rate hugely. What is to be remembered is that this module is only effective when you integrate it with a fully optimised website and a well thought out linking campaign.
  3. Article Manager – Controlling what content is used where has always been a pain with SEnuke, now with the article manager you can easily sort your content to be “called up” to your campaigns from a simple drop down menu. This is especially usuful when you want to produce high quality content for your Tier 1 links but more highly spun but lower quality content for your Tier 2 and beyond.
  4. Built In Proxies – SEnuke can now provide you with proxies for your campaigns. While these will only cover those doing smaller campaigns they will nonetheless protect your own IP and prevent your ISP banning you. Of course we still recommend using private proxies for reliability and speed.


Watch out for further updates over the coming days when we will be putting up new TNG tutorials, templates and strategies.




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