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WordPress 4.5 ‘Coleman’ – What You Should Be Aware Of

WordPress 4.5 ‘Coleman’ – What You Should Be Aware Of

A few days ago WordPress 4.5 was released, for many people they will just click update and think nothing more of it however there are a few functions which have been put in place which will make your life that little bit easier.

The main changes which you would expect from a content management system are to make editing that little bit easier. The idea has been to streamline everything that you normally do while creating your content.

Here I will list the main changes that you will notice, of course there are many more but these are the changes that will really make a difference to what you do.

Live Responsive Previews

With the live responsive previews you now have the opportunity to see how your content is going to look on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. This is all controlled through the customizer.

In-Line Linking

With in-line linking you can link to other pages on your wordpress site or other sites quickly and simply. Of course you have been able to do this before but they have made the whole process a little more streamlined. The idea is they know more and more people will be editing there websites on tablets and mobile devices so they know it will be a lot smoother.

Smart Image Resizing

This is something which will help your website run that little bit faster. Basically it enables generated images to load up to 50% faster. If you are using high quality large images on your website they will load a lot faster than ever before.

Custom Logos

While most people who use wordpress for business and affiliate marketing will be using a theme which enables you to easily change a logo there are still a few themes out there which do not allow you to do this. Now the built in custom logo function means you can quickly and easily upload and resize your logo to your wordpress website.

Formatting Shortcuts

The formatting shortcuts that are already within wordpress have been expanded. Horizontal lines being one of the most asked for and notable changes.

A Word Of Warning Before You Update

Just be aware that if your website has any customization in it at all the when you update wordpress it could end up erasing any of these custom changes. Our suggestion would be to first create a backup of your website, if your hosting has a staging facility like available in Siteground GoGeek then update in there first to see if you need to re-enter some of your customizations.






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