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Penguin 4.0 Is Here! How Will It Affect You?

Penguin 4.0 Is Here! How Will It Affect You?

I have left it a little while before writing this post because I wanted to get a clearer idea of how the latest update is going to affect our websites rankings and link building efforts.

Initially the impression was given that the update was going to roll out on the 23rd September. However, as many of you may have noticed is that there was fluctuations that happened before this date. As with all updates it is not worth panicking until a week or so after the update as 99% of the time there are errors and Google make adjustments to the update over the days preceding the update. Gary Illyes from Google has more or less told us to expect more changes over the coming days and weeks.

What Is Penguin 4.0 Going To Affect?

Of course this is what we are most interested in as we now have to work out that our linking efforts are going to fall within the guidelines and thus avoid any penalties.

The biggest change that will affect us is that Penguin 4.0 is the first algorithm update that will be affecting sites in real time. This means that rather than having the horrible feeling of checking your websites for rank drops, rises and penalties every time they release a penguin update, in future the penguin algorithm will effectively be live.

The long and short of it is that that promotion or demotion of a website based on its links or more importantly link spam happens far quicker than it would of done in the past. This can be good for us as internet marketers as when we build good quality links then we will get better credit for them much faster than we would of done before.

What we need to be aware of now is that we can also get penalized much quicker if we do things wrong. To that end we need to be much more vigilant about the type of links that we send to our websites. Although since SEnuke TNG was launched we have been very careful about the templates we have been creating to only point the higher quality sites at our money site, be very wary now of any template which points Forum profiles, Web 2 profiles (especially low DA sites) at the money sites. While the rumors are that there are no longer penalties as such, rather just a demotion, the truth behind this is yet to be seen. We already know that Penguin is an algorithmic penalty which means it can be reversed by removing useless links or improving the overall quality.

Improve The Level Of Your Tier 1 Content

This is more important now than ever before. While it appears you wont be hit with a penalty per-say, it can be a real effort to remove and disavow bad links. It is far more time efficient to just get your tier one content right from the outset. This means using better quality content for Tier 1 and then ensuring your links are fully contextual.

By following the guidelines that we have been talking about for a long long time now you really wont go far wrong. In fact my sites have never once been hit by a penalty either Penguin or Panda. As always if you have any concerns or questions ask a question in the forum or drop us a support ticket.



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