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Zont SEO Is About To Change Forever

Zont SEO Is About To Change Forever
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When we first started this site in 2011 (under a different name) it was just a test to see if we could build a membership site that fitted the needs of a very specific market. Over the years that market has broadened. Until now, ZontSEO has remained predominately focused on its original core area which was automated SEO.

In 2017 the SEO landscape is vastly different to what it was 6 years ago when we started. Of course the way we actually do things has changed over time but I will be the first to admit we have not documented that here as it has remained focused on the core discipline. We could of just started a new website, but we have a great group of followers here and we want to bring you all along for the ride.

Literally everything is about to change. ZontSEO as you know it is about to be transformed into an educational platform unlike any other. We will be focusing on SEO strategies that work right here, right now. We are going to be sharing our knowledge about how we have made our money online and transferring this information into tutorials that can easily be followed.

All of the original information from the site will be available in the ‘legacy’ section. The extras such as the Spetsnaz tool will continue to be supported.

What Is Going To Be New

Right, where do I start. ZontSEO is going to be new from the ground up. You will still be able to access all of the old information, templates and tools through the legacy section. However we are building a whole new set of tutorials and courses. We will have a great new blog section which will provide you with regular case studies and updates.

We have a brand new design which will be easier to navigate and work through the tutorials. We are also switching our video hosting to Vimeo. This, along with the new design will provide you the ability to properly view everything from a mobile device should you wish. I am currently finalising some new courses, which will be released to the Zont Revolution customers within the next 7 days,  once proven they will be released to ZontSEO.

Hardcore Strategies

Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to work with one of the most prominent SEOs in the financial industry. He has dominated some of the toughest search terms in the world for years and I have learned a lot working with him. We have actually created a product together which you will hear about very soon. This information will be different from what will be placed on ZontSEO, however the lessons I learned from him have helped refine what we do as affiliate marketers and the providers of SEO services for clients.

Keep your eyes peeled for the official launch email and join us for the ride.




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