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Captcha Sniper Discount

If you (like most) SEnuke users get frustrated at the amount of money you spend on Captcha Solvers then you should definitely take a look our Captcha Sniper Discount.

Captcha Sniper has been out for a long time and is a very successful piece of software. Now one thing to remember is that is cannot solve Re-Captcha the same as the likes of DeathByCaptcha or Decaptcher but it can solve many different types of captcha of which there are plenty. The problem with recaptcha is that they change there algorithm too often for stand alone software to be able to keep up.

captcha sniper discountYou may well find that Captcha Sniper is available from within SEnuke before too long {cough cough} and while at the moment it may not be able to solve many of the Inbuilt sites when SEnuke Xcr is released we will certainly be using it with the add-in sites to keep our costs down when the function is released.

You may find that it works better with the forum links because the majority do not use recaptcha and use formats which Captcha Sniper claims to be able to solve. of course with the very many forums that you can post too with SEnuke X you will find that Captcha Sniper will be in its element and save you the most money in this area as this is what swallow up the most money with Paid Captcha Solvers.

The best part about Captcha Sniper is that it is a one off fee and you will see that it can save you a lot of money on Captcha Solvers.

We can offer Captcha Sniper at a reduced price of $77 as it is normally $97 if brought directly from there site. Very soon we will have some tutorials to show you how you can set this up to work with SEnuke, although it is not too difficult.

The best part of this is that it can also be used with other software’s such as Xrumer (although there would not be much benefit using it with that) and also with Scrapebox. With Many blogs now being protected by Captcha you could find a sharp increase in your success rates.

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