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Quality Automated Content for SEnuke

Quality Automated Content for SEnuke

A question we get on the helpdesk over and over is ‘where to get cheap quality content’, lets be honest while we all know our own hand written content is the best only a fool is using it for there SEnuke tiers. There are a number of different ways to get content, and for SEnuke XCr we will have a new section dedicated just to this, but I really want to share one tool with your quickly right now.

Kontent Machine Discount

It is, without doubt, the best article scraper/spinner/merger/creator I have ever seen.

I have had so much use out of this product I asked the owners if we could slash the affiliate commission and pass the savings directly on to our users… and they said yes! So if you want to save 22% off the monthly cost ($29 compared with the usual $37) simply click here, you will also be offered a huge discount on the lifetime license down to $217  from $357. Be warned the discount last for only 24 hours after your click, deleting your cookies will not bring it back!


So what does this tool do?

Well you give it your keywords, it then scrapes up articles from a variety of sources, and creates new ones. So it sounds pretty much like SEnuke, but the point is you have an insane amount of control over what it does.

  • You can spin by words
  • You can spin by lines
  • You can spin by paragraphs
  • You can spin by characters (!!!)
  • You can spin in image
  • You can spin in videos
  • Inbuilt spinner OR TBS/Spinner Chief API
While I am thinking about it if you use SpinRewriter then there is an option to not spin at all, then at the end of the process it gives you a screen where you can cut and paste the output to any spinner you like. I am at the moment testing a new AI spinner which makes SpinRewriter look like a 3 years olds letter to Santa (more on that later).

So It Only Does Articles?

NO! That is just the tip, what this tool also does is generate niche related:

  • categories
  • keywords & tags
  • titles (this one is SO useful)
  • relevant bookmark descriptions
  • resource box (author) text

Now you try and tell me that is not going to save a ton of time? The content is amazingly niche related, I have no idea how they are creating these LSI lists so well but the fact is they are.

Is The Generated Content Readable and Unique?

Yes… and/or No. I should explain. You have the control, you can turn everything up to the maximum and generate absolutely 100% unique content, but then it is unlikely to be readable. Or you can turn things down a bit, so some of your content might not be 100% unique anymore BUT it is completely readable.

Let me give you an example of some output from a medium setting:

The software program will also support you with other Search engine optimization methods. Discussion board posting is a fantastic way to get appropriate one way links and travel specific visitors to your website or weblog.

(Passes copyscape)

If you are beginning out in this organization then you will discover the very best SEO Software to be your best friend. Dominate your market with utilizing this SEO software that uses traffic method that is guaranteed to perform.

(Copyscape found 1 copy)

The multi-threaded submissions in particular modules are 10-100x quicker than in the old edition. Utilizing SEO Software is almost certainly the very best way to make your business number 1!

(Passes copyscape)

So while you can see 1 variation did fail copyscape at the level I had it set all 3 were readable, and the fact Copyscape found only 1 copy of an article that is based on SEnuke shows it is still pretty well altered. You can make it more readable, and get more copyscape matches, or less readable and be unique, the power is in your hands.

The output is nested spintax, that is each time you spin it you get completely different spin variations not just word changes. For your social networks you can now have images in the top, bottom, left, right 1st paragraph, last, middle all at random from a single spun article.

So Its Perfect?

Now of course what this program is generating is automated content, and at the moment that will never be as good as manually created content. However this stuff is absolutely perfect for using in your T2 and T3 Social Networks, and if you set it up like I have for the above examples it will go well for your T1 as well. I would suggest for T1 you don’t just rely on this one tool, this is the most important tier and you should be paying attention to what goes in it. However by using KontentMachine for your other tiers you can save a ton of time, which you can then devote to the important T1.

A few other points. Well if you are in a small niche it is possible it will not find enough articles to be able to spin content to a high quality, and it will tell you this. You have the option then to have it search blogs for more data, or to changes you keywords to a broad match rather than exact. If there is still not enough data then at the moment the program will not be able to do anything, but the next version is also going to include the ability to use articles saved on your hard disk AND they giving us all an stand alone article scraper (free) too. One other point is this generates tags in Spintax format and at the moment SEnuke does not support spintax on the tags field, I have already put in a feature request for this!

The program is quite new and perhaps not everything is 100% yet, though it has never crashed on me. You can see from their changelog they are adding stuff all the time, and their helpdesk is speedy.

The manual is not 100% clear (possibly English is not the primary language for who wrote it), the video guides are actually better though. As I said earlier there will be guides on how to use this program with SEnuke XCr once we get a release date sorted for that. It is certainly going to be the standard tool we recommend here for all T2,3,4 etc.

There are also some issues with SquidProxies, which i know many of you have. I have hundreds of proxies and almost all worked, but my Squids refused. I have reported this and a fix for Squid is in the works already, my other 200+ proxies all worked fine.

Thats is. Really. I can’t find any major fault with this tool.

KontentMachine Discount

Those of you who have been with us a long time know we don’t do BS here.

I love this product.

I love the support they are offering.

I love the fact they let me cut the affiliate payout to make it cheaper for you.

I love the insane amount of time is saves getting relevant LSI content, titles etc for lower tiers. Generating relevant titles is so important these days, and one of the biggest footprints you can have if you only add a few variations.

If you have SEnuke then you owe it to yourself to at least try this product for the free 7 days and see what it can do for you.

So visit the KontentMachine site and grab your discounted copy.

I promise you are going to hear a LOT more about this product from us in the coming weeks.


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