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SEnuke Xcr Features And What It Means To You

SEnuke Xcr Features And What It Means To You

The launch of SEnuke XCr is coming very soon. Over the next week you will start to see and hear all about what it can do but we will give you a quick sneak preview of what it can do right here right now.

First of all lets clear up what XCr stands for.

SEnuke XCr – Crowd sourcing

SEnuke XCr stands for Crowd Sourcing. It is called this because XCr gives you the ability to program your own sites into the system and share them with others via macros. Each time you share a new site you will get a credit that you can use to download a site from other peoples shares. The potential of this is immense as you can get links from all around the web and most importantly from different class C IP addresses. As all the members of SEnuke XCr start to share there sites you will build up a fantastic list of sites.

We have been beta testing SEnuke XCr for a while now and we are really excited about it, and trust me it takes a lot for us to get excited about things these days 🙂

Some of the other great new features include:


Turbo Wizard

The Turbo Wizard will enable you to create fully populated campaigns focused on your target keywords in seconds. Simply plugin your target keywords and your target urls and press start. The Turbo Wizard will then draw content from either the web or your Article Builder account, spin the text and add in your specified keywords and links. We continue to test this function and there will be in depth tutorials for this coming as soon as Xcr is launched. (Well actually perhaps not that indepth… this thing is foolproof and FAST… click…click…done)


Submit To WordPress Sites

SEnuke XCr gives you the ability to add in your own WordPress based sites, old time Nukers may remember a similar feature back when SEnuke just started though you had to hack it then. This effectively means that you can setup your own WordPress blog networks and post to them as and when you want. Now this is not to be confused with paid blog networks which you can get penalised for, mainly down to their footprints. In fact, quite the opposite, private blog networks are still highly (read highly) effective and where they are not “paid links”, the smaller footprint mean you do not fall foul of Google’s whims.


Submit PDF’s To File Sharing Sites

File sharing sites remain a fantastic place to get backlinks from. This great new function enables you to submit PDF’s quickly and easily to these file sharing sites. Of course there will be a standard list in SEnuke XCr on launch however, with the great Crowd sourcing function you will be able to download other sites that have been added buy other users. Those of you who downloaded the leaked Google report yesterday would have done so from such a PDF site, which was found through Google so you can see it really does work.


Submit To Wiki Sites

Wiki’s are still held in high regard by Google and submitting your articles to various Wiki sites will add some great variety to your linking campaigns. Previously people have needed to purchase other software to be able to do this and again the SEnuke team have listened to what people want and built it into the software. Again you can use the Crowd source function to get more sites to post too. I can tell you Wiki is going to be HUGE. In the past we loved Social Network nuke and this new module is just as powerful, it gives us a massive new scope of templates for the wizard too.


Google Places

If you are promoting a business website and have a Google Places listing then you will find that this functionality is great for building up value to your Google Places listing. As you will know Google is extremely favourable of Local Search and Google Places is a great way to get your business seen right on Page 1.


All-round Improvements

There are little tweaks all over XCr, the developers have really been listeing to us and I am happy to see so many of the new additions we requested now part of the core design. The user experience is now much more consistent, for instance you can now test your bookmark spins, why you could not before I don’t know but its sorted now. Also the Social Network reposting function, our favourite part of SEnuke, has been ‘fixed’ so it now delivers a consistent approach over all sites. This is going to be wonderful for template creation.

Toolbox has also seen a major work over. You can now link things directly to the toolbox, something impossible before. That’s not all though as the toolbox also now includes a link checker (yes, really!). So after you run something like a Social Network project you can have SEnuke check for live links then only use valid site for lower tiers.

Oh and lets not forget:

Native 64bit

If you have a 64bit OS then you now have the option to run with a proper 64bit version of SEnuke, and you will certainly enjoy the speed improvements over running the 32bit one!


Zont SEO SEnuke XCr Bonus

If you already have SEnuke X then as soon as it is launched you will be able to download and access the new software. If you don’t currently have an SEnuke subscription then you can join through our SEnuke Bonus which means you will get free access to this site and all its training for FREE for as long as you are an SEnuke subscriber. There will also be a lifetime membership available on launch and if you sign up though us you will get free access to this site for life. We will release more details about this very soon.

Remember we are the ONLY independent SEnuke training site that is actually recommended on, and we are very proud of this. So rest assured that this site will only ever supply you the very best training, hints and tips available.

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