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Our SEnuke Bonus Closes Soon – Last Chance For Free Access

Our SEnuke Bonus Closes Soon – Last Chance For Free Access

This is not an early April Fools!

In less than 30 days we will be closing off our SEnuke Bonus offer which gives those who purchase SEnuke through us free access to Zont SEO.

We don’t do scarcity tactics here, that’s a genuine end time without any extensions. If you are on the bonus at that point (including all previous lifetime subscribers) you will remain on it for as long as you subscribe to SEnuke, if you are not on the bonus there will be absolutely no way we can add you on to it. The exact date is the day before SEnuke TNG is released to the public, that will be revealed in the coming days but it’s less than 30 days from now. The exact date is now looking to be April 18th… so the clock is really ticking.

Rest assured by this time next month you will have SEnuke TNG, and our bonus will be gone forever.

There will be no other bonus offer made available to replace this either… we will let you know the reasons for all this in May.

In other news we should start to get the TNG templates up in the nearest future…


Certainly going to be fun creating stuff with TNG!


P.S. If you don’t already know how to use Kontent Machine I strongly suggest you have a look through our guides now…might be very useful in the nearest future…)

P.P.S. Sorry no comments on this one… any questions use the Help Desk.

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